Rotating workbench pad printer become market trend


The pad printing machine has advantages in printing on plastic products, which has made the printing machine show a rapid growth trend in the Chinese market and the global market since the 1990s. The pad printing machine is in auto parts, gifts, toys, electronic products, Office supplies, daily necessities, hotel supplies, handicrafts and other fields have a very good performance. However, with the global economic slowdown and soaring labor costs, the market expansion of the pad printing machine has stagnated after 2015. In particular, traditional semi-automatic pad printing machines have become less and less popular in the market. Instead, an upgraded rotary pad printer is available.
Traditional pad printing machines use manual pick and place products, and workers have longer working hours. In China, such operators are less and less easy to find.

More and more users have realized that the automation of the pad printing machine is a trend. Of course, this is not a trend, but a reality that has already arrived.

Currently, the most popular pad printing machine on the market is a pad printing machine with a turntable workbench and a blanking robot. The operator only needs to place the product on the fixture of the turntable workbench, and the turntable will automatically rotate to the printing position for printing. After the printing, the robot grabs the product and places it on the IR or UV conveyor belt. Such a pad printing machine cannot be called a pad printing machine in a complete sense, because you have to manually place the product on the workbench, but such an upgrade has greatly reduced the labor intensity of the worker and further improved the production efficiency.