Shopping bag hot stamping machine


When people go shopping on the street, merchants will provide a shopping bag, and the extra shopping bags that consumers get will greatly satisfy the convenience of carrying goods.
   Shopping bags, as an accessory to goods, usually also play a role in propaganda, and it is very common for merchants to print on top of shopping bags.
   We may not explore other printing processes. But silk screen and bronzing are a must. Especially the bronzing process, it is one of the more common decorative means used in high-end branded shopping bags.
  The shopping bag has an intermediate space and a compartment must be used to complete the perfect bronzing. The specially designed cantilever workbench is the best choice for shopping bags. In the hot stamping process, the shopping bag is placed in the cantilever workbench, and the hot stamping is pressed to complete the bronzing. Since many high-end shopping bags are made of special paper and have high flexibility, the pressure of the bronzing machine is very critical. The use of a high-pressure pneumatic bronzing machine or a hydraulic hot stamping machine is a priority.