Screen printing precoss of new heat transfer paper.


Printed on clothing mainly involves two processes: one is the screen printing process, the other is the transfer process, the transfer process occupies 63% of the market share, silk screen process occupies 33% market share.
Technology transfer process is more complex, would be the first to use screen printing machine, offset printer, inkjet printer transfer paper or film created above the printed layer, then use the heat press machine, transfer machine for transfer.
We recently exposed to a screen above the mortar of the paper transfer paper, this seems to be a relatively new foreign environmental technologies. Typically, the main use of the thermal transfer ink sheet above, and the use of fabric glue and rare. We recommend users to use S-JY6090PV oblique arm screen printing machine for four-color printing solutions mortar.
According to industry sources say that the reason the user does not use rotary screen printing machine printing directly to the glue in the clothing, it may be only a flat screen printing machine factory's sake, but instead of printing on paper at PET film, probably for strict abroad environmental requirements.