Full automatic roll to roll hot foil stamping machine


If paper or film materials are used as substrates, whether in sheet form or roll materials, any printing process must face it. The bronzing process is no exception. The bronzing machine is more common for substrates in the form of sheets, but for the substrates of roll materials, the bronzing machine has also begun to have a targeted research and development trend. In terms of the mechanical structure, the mature hot stamping machine for roll materials is much more complicated than the sheet-type hot stamping machine. It can only be considered a mature hot stamping if it can better deal with many situations that occur during the transportation of the package material. machine. Generally speaking, the roll material hot stamping machine has the following main structures:
1) Unwinding and winding mechanism
The unwinding mechanism and the winding mechanism are used to place the materials to be printed and collect the printed materials. During the unwinding and winding process, the edges are neat and the tension is even.
2) Tension control system:
The tension of paper or film in different areas is different, and the tension control system is used to correct the conveying problems caused by excessive tension.
3) Correction system:
The uneven thickness of the package material and the imbalance of the mechanical conveying system can easily cause the package material to shift in the lateral position. The correction system must ensure that the package material maintains a small deviation before entering the bronzing system and the windowing system. Ensure the consistency of the position of the bronzing graphics and text.

4) Photoelectric tracking system
Hot stamping is performed on the roll material containing printed graphics, and maintaining the uniformity of the relative position between the hot stamping graphics and the printed graphics is the basic requirement of printing quality. Therefore, the hot stamping machines of the roll materials are equipped with a photoelectric tracking system. The photoelectric tracking system can identify a certain printing color and transmit the instructions to the servo motor system. The servo motor will drive the traction mechanism to draw the packaged material to the designated position for bronzing.

5) Window opening device
Many plastic packages need to design window openings to facilitate consumers to check the products in the package.

6) Operating system
The structure of the hot stamping machine for roll materials is more complicated, and there are many parameters that need to be adjusted and set. Therefore, the PLC operating system of the man-machine interface will be used to achieve a more convenient operation process.

The hot stamping machine for roll materials is a more widely used hot stamping machine in the packaging and printing industry. With people’s high standards for commodity packaging, more and more customers are showing strong interest in it. I believe that in the foreseeable future, It will continue to enter the packaging and printing industry and make its due contribution to providing users with a variety of high-quality packaging.