Manual octopus garment screen printing machine


The brand KC printing machine more expensive than made in Shandong, Zhejiang though not much to sell, also a dozen a year, but still subject to a number of high-end users, especially large-scale garment printing plant favor. The reason is that we use the high quality materials precision manufacturing.

Garment printing multicolor screen printing machine mainly uses the center of rotation of the design approach, the same table and screen rotation around the center of rotation for a while and multiplayer manipulation, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

Table with 10mm thick aluminum plate manufacturing, good stability, coating and adhesive removal platen is very convenient, especially corrosion resistance than the template.

Printing machine back wheel are made by grinding and A3 steel plating, high precision, and a number of manufacturers to adopt it after rough machining of castings is clearly not the same one level. Two times during the rotation of the turntable relative position control accuracy is particularly important, it is the core technology of multi-color printing machine. Of course, many users do not ask for the accuracy garment printing