Crate foil stamping, how to choose?


Fragile glass products and ceramic products are often transported using plastic turnover boxes as carriers. There are also many plastic boxes and frames used to store odds and ends. In recent years, more and more cases of this kind have been involved in printing, among which silk printing and bronzing are the most common.
The silk screen has strict requirements on the shape of the frame. For example, the plane area must be large enough and the height of the ribs should be low. But the bronzing process has relatively obvious advantages:

1) No pre-press processing
Most of the plastic baskets are made of polypropylene material, which is not suitable for printing. Hot stamping is used. As long as you choose the right PP hot stamping paper, you do not need to buy a flame treatment machine.

2) There is little restriction on the height of the ribs.
Plastic baskets usually exist in the form of containers, which are subject to great gravity during handling. In order to increase the strength of the frame, a thin strip structure is usually designed around the frame. The thin strip structure will increase the strength and reduce the weight of the frame. Since the height of the bronzing plate can be designed to be higher according to the actual situation, the height of the ribs basically does not hinder the bronzing.

3. Easy to form indentation
The hot stamping machine is under great pressure, and the imprints formed on the surface of the frame will form a permanent mark, which is easy to reflect the product brand.
The bronzing of the frame can be pneumatic or hydraulic.
The latest pneumatic frame hot stamping machine designed for users adopts a cantilever structure, which is very simple and convenient to place the frame, and the price is not high.