Slant-arm screen printing machine


Limitations efficiency pneumatic screen printing machine by air transport is difficult to have a big raise, with the cam arm structure to control the network version of the drop becomes reduced screen time is an important way to fall. So efficient than the inclined wall screen printing machine screen printing machine pneumatic efficiency of 22%.
From a structural considerations, pneumatic screen printing machine is basically vertical lift, the structure is more complex when used to manufacture than the large format screen printing machine, manufacturing costs will be significantly improved, so in large format screen printing machine structure, the oblique wall screen printing machine has obvious advantages.
But the oblique arm printing machine also has the obvious disadvantage is its repeatability is not high, due to the presence of structural parts in contact rocker cam wear, it is difficult to improve the manufacturing process, screen printing machine oblique arm overlay network is not suitable for high-precision and high-precision circuit board , switches sophisticated electronic components and printed film, which is more suitable for paper packaging for example, UV screen printing, screen printing and thermal transfer film matte, gloss and other local decorative printing field!


  • Slant-arm screen printing machine
  • Slant-arm screen printing machine