Pen-rod UV screen printing technology


As stationery, pens undoubtedly the biggest market share, Zhaobi decorated around various craft emerged.
Although the use of solvents in the ink pen above process is simple, good adhesion, but there is still a critical customer requirements using UV inks, the biggest reason is still green. From this point of view, the use of UV ink to medical equipment at more secure than using solvent inks. Use your fingers touch the UV ink to dry, the residual rate is almost zero.

TLAS-80UV key design features an integrated IR systems and UV systems can be used for different user preferences based on their own judgment to choose to use UV inks or solvent-based inks.
The use of solvent-based inks UV system can be turned off while using UV system, you can turn off IR systems.

Pen with PP material is very common, but the use of PE and silicone rubber is relatively rare. Although the ink PP materials no longer a secret, and without surface treatment prepress.
But flame treatment will greatly improve ink adhesion.