How to decorate pencil with wooden pole


A pencil is a frequently used writing and drawing tool. It consists of two parts, one part is the pen core and the other part is the pen barrel. The pen core is generally made of graphite and clay, while the pen barrel is mostly made of wood. The name pencil is actually a popular name. It doesn't actually contain lead. It's just that graphite is very similar to lead. People call it a pencil. Graphite and clay do not damage anything, so they are safe, and wooden penholders are not harmful to the human body.

The most common decorative printing of pencils are thermal transfer, hot stamping, pad printing, and silk screen printing. Among them, thermal transfer is the most common. Since the pencil is basically a cylinder or polygon with a diameter of 5-10mm, and the length is less than 200mm, is the amount very large, then the use of a fully automatic heat transfer machine is the first choice.

The automatic pencil heat transfer machine is generally composed of a feeding trough, a feeding mechanism, a heat transfer device, a heating device, and a feeding mechanism. The pencils are neatly placed in the feeding chute, and the conveyor belt will drive the pencils to move to the upper feeding mechanism. The feeding mechanism will push the pencils one by one to the fixture at the lower end of the thermal transfer device, and the thermal transfer roller will press down and the pencil. Contact, transfer the pattern on the thermal transfer film to the surface of the pencil. The thermal transfer machine can adjust the length and transfer time of the transfer thermal transfer film according to the length and diameter of the pencil. After the transfer is completed, the pencil will be transferred to the unloading conveyor belt.

If the pencil is hexagonal, you can spray paint on the surface of the pencil first, and then perform bronzing, silk screen and pad printing decoration. Correspondingly, there are automatic hot stamping machines, silk screen printing machines, and pad printing machines.