Do you know lure hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine


Luya fishing is a popular fishing method in Europe and the United States. It is a fishing method that attracts aggressive fishes by installing a simulated small fish on a hook. Lu Ya is the transliteration of English LURE. With people's understanding of Lu Ya, according to the feeding habits and predation methods of carnivorous fishes, Lu Ya fishing methods have been summarized. As a healthy sport, environmental protection and fashion, lure fishing has always made lure anglers proud of it, and it is also called "water golf". Luya fishing is the application of the laws of the natural food chain, and artificially made luya products to simulate lifelike natural small fish, shrimps, insects, etc. in the water to attract fish to attack, and at the same time use the fish’s own physiological induction. , Designed a lot of weird lures that lure fish to attack by sound, light, and color. This has become one of the joys of lure players when they DIY lures.
A very important process in the production of Luya is to simulate the shading effect of fish scales on the surface. Nowadays, it is more common to use hot stamping or heat transfer to decorate the surface of Luya with laser hot stamping paper. Therefore, buy hot stamping machines and heat transfer machines. More and more users. The external shape of Luya imitates small fish and is irregular, so there is no special hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine, but through the production of jigs and silicone film, manual hot stamping machine, pneumatic hot stamping machine, hydraulic hot stamping machine, all flat heat transfer The machine can be used to decorate the lure.