Coiled material hot stamping machine

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Product Description

H-TC3025RR Full automatically film hot stamping Machine //Structure



Initial position

Sensor control .

Working table

 Transport working table

Transport controlling

 Tension adustment device; automatically Position correcting set

Drawing identification

Sensor and service motor controlling


Vertical press

Temperature control

Heating tube Heater, automatically controlling

Foil collecting

Automatically collecting



H-TC3025RR Full automatically Film hot stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • This is a specific roll materials, such as films, web, stickers and design of automatic flat hot stamping machine;
  • Suitable for all kinds of roll material surface bronzing certain pitch;
  • Roll material surface bronzing, two cases, one is not printed materials, this relatively simple form gilt; another one is already printed materials, this form requires precision photoelectric bronzing recognition.
  • Stable lateral movement by inverter motor control, stamping pressure evenly, good stamping quality;
  • Programmable logic controller precisely adjust various parameters, a good user interface;
  • Set up a single machine debugging function operation, you can set up a fully functional operation.

Application fields

  • Unprinted roll surface bronzing various materials;
  • A variety of printed materials gilt rolls;
  • Suitable adhesive industry, plastic packaging industry, the composite film packaging industry.

H-TC3025RR Full automatically film hot stamping Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Maximum stamping width: 800 MM;
  • Maximum stamping area: 300 × 250MM;
  • Table size: 900mm × 500mm;
  • Maximum printing speed: 5M / min;
  • Transfer time range: 0-99 seconds;
  • Reeling foil time range: 0-99 seconds;
  • Stamping head down stroke: 60mm;
  • Maximum stamping pressure: 1000kg;
  • Heat Wattage: 4 * 500w = 2000w;
  • Power supply: 3 phase 380V;
  •  Drive motor power: 1000W.

Works supply

  • 3Phase 380V Power supply;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air;

Package list

  • Package size: 3290×1480×1790MM;
  • Gross weight: 1063kg
  • CBM: 8.715896





H-TC3025RR Full automatically Film hot stamping machine //Advantage


  • Microcomputer control, touch screen operating system;
  • Four Figure counter build in, high degree of automation;
  • High-precision tension control mechanism, film conveying smooth, uniform tension;
  • Stamping head position can be flexibly adjusted to any position in the film stamping;
  • Automatic temperature control system, precise and accurate temperature control;
  • Transfer time, Collecting time, temperature control to adjust the settings have been several significant ways;
  • High-precision electric Sensor control device, precise control of stamping pitch;
  • Stepless speed adjustment, stable and reliable machine operation speed;
  • Automatic alignment device, receives the paper part of the automatic collection;
  • High-precision stainless steel coil roll, stable and lasting life;
  • Rolls for products such as roll, roll film, the continuous self-adhesive label gilt.

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