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Ribbon heat transfer machine

  • Ribbon heat transfer machine
  • Ribbon heat transfer machine
  • Ribbon heat transfer machine
  • Ribbon heat transfer machine
  • Ribbon heat transfer machine
Model No.︰H-TC20RR
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 11000 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

 H-TC20RR ribbon hot stamping machine//Usage and characters


H-TC20RR is designed for roll-like PVC, ribbon or other materials such as stickers gilt surface heat transfer machine, it has two sets of feeding roll, a set of installation tipping paper, a set of installation need gilt roll material. It is widely used in ribbon, stickers, PVC film, ribbon, rubber stamping and other products. 
Indirect stamping process: First, in gilt plasma screen above the ribbon, followed by then H-TC20RR heat transfer machine transfer. For the indirect process, logo screen spacing depends on the spacing. 
Direct stamping process: the silicone roller replacement rollers for the prototype model of the copper can be achieved directly bronzing. For the direct process, logo copperplate roller spacing depends on the diameter.

H-TC20RR Ribbon foil hot stamping machine//Parameters

Technical parameters

1. Size of Roller:120mm 
2. Max roller width: 100 mm 
3. Max pressure:100 Kg 
4. Up-and down distance: 75 mm 
5. Heat wattage: 4×400 W 
8. Foil feed: Motor Drive 
9. Temperature range: 0 - 400oC 
10.Net Weight :310 Kg 
11. Outer dimension:1300 x 620 x 1430 mm .

Works supply

  • 110V-220V Power supply.

Package parameters

  • Pakcage dimension:970×700×900mm;
  • Gross weight: 95.5KG;
  • CBM: 0.6111





H-TC20RR ribbon hot foil stamping machine //Advantage


1, Table settings embossing roller, can be tightly foil paper or transfer film pressure in the ribbon surface;
2 Rubber rollers rotating heat transfer uniformity, suitable for ribbon continuous stamping;
3, Workbench can adjust the position of the front and rear direction, to ensure the best stamping position of the ribbon;
4, The transfer pressure, temperature, speed can be based on different material for the flexible adjustment;
5, The nose height adjustable stamping head movements can fine-tune, easy to adjust the height of the different products;
6. Precise temperature control system, temperature error control in less than 3 degrees; silicone roll radiant heating, thermal efficiency of the utilization factor;
7. Rubber roller embossing pressure control system, constant pressure of the transfer process, the transfer effect is more perfect.

Product Image

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