• Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine
  • Servo Automatic plain  hot foil stamping machine

Servo Automatic plain hot foil stamping machine

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US $ 8500 / pic

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1 pic

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Product Description

Full automatically paper hot stamping Machine //Structure


Paper feeding robot

Initial position

 Sensor control , Guide rail

Working table

Automatic plain table


Servo vertical press

Temperature control

IR Heater, automatically controlling

Foil collecting

Automatically collecting


Automatically Robot

 Full automatically  paper hot stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • Hot stamping of plain paper below 400*400mm size;
  • Hot stamping for harder sheets;
  • If the surface of the sheet and paper is printed with graphics, the accuracy of bronzing should not be too high;
  • It is a fully automatic hot stamping machine with automatic stacking paper conveying. It is suitable for large-volume uniform shape documents, greeting cards, books, and document pockets.
  • The structure is designed with a compact central structure; the paper is automatically transported from the stacker and positioned into the hot stamping station;
  • The stable opening and closing movement is controlled by the servo motor , the hot stamping pressure is uniform, and the hot stamping quality is good.
  • Stamping temperature Rnange:20∼300℃;
  • stamping size : 150*150mm
  • Table size:500*500mm
  • Max stamping Speed:1500-2000pcs/h
  • Outer dimension: 1400×1000×1400mm;
  • Net weight(kg) : 550;
  • Motor wattage: 350W;
  • Power supply: 1P220V;
  • Heater wattage: 1800W IR.
  • Max pressure :1 tons
  • Stamping accurate: 0.1-0.25mm

Works supply

  • 1 P 220v Power supply;

Package list

  • Package size: 1450×1050×1480mm;
  • Gross weight:580kg
  • CBM: 4.329





 Full automatically paper hot foil stamping machine //Advantage


  • Automatic hot stamping of paper, PVC, PU and other materials used in the printing and packaging industry. It includes automatic paper feeding, automatic length walking hot stamping paper, automatic paper collection, automatic rewinding of hot stamping paper and other functions.
  • Automatic paper feeding and automatic paper collection are controlled by servo motors, the paper is accurate, and the error can be controlled within 0.1mm. Both the paper feed table and the paper collection table can be automatically adjusted according to the height of the paper, ensuring the precise positioning of the paper collection and paper feeding.
  • The automatic bronzing spindle is controlled by a 1500W servo motor with brakes + planetary reducer, which can easily achieve a pressure adjustment range of 0-1.5 tons.
  • The bronzing temperature control system uses high-precision temperature control switches, thermocouples, and 400W heating plates, and the temperature difference range can be controlled within 2-3 °C, which is extremely effective for temperature-sensitive aluminum hot stamping film.
  • The automatic paper walking of aluminum galvanized aluminum and bronzing paper is controlled by stepper motor + high-precision pulley, and the fixed length of hot stamping paper is within 0.2mm.
  • The whole machine is programmable logic controller + touch screen man-machine interface + high-precision servo motor + cylinder control operation, reasonable design, high precision, small appearance and space-saving, especially suitable for jewelry box packaging, wallet watch box packaging, small leather shell, red packet bag, display box PVC and other products surface gilding.

Application︰ For the hot stamping of small-sized paper, leather and film, the hot stamping machine with automatic loading and unloading system will greatly improve the production efficiency. The machine adopts a servo system to control the up and down movement of the hot stamping head, which is convenient for precise control of the hot stamping pressure. A stacker is used to feed the paper, and the mechanical hand pulls the paper to the bronzing position to ensure the precision of bronzing. After the bronzing is completed, the manipulator sends the paper to the receiving table. The whole process is done mechanically.

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