automatic roll paper roll film Coiled material hot stamping machine

automatic roll paper roll film Coiled material hot stamping machine

Model No.︰H-TC1000KTD

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 38460 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description

H-TC1000KTD Full automatically film hot stamping Machine //Structure



Initial position

Sensor control .

Working table

 Transport working table

Transport controlling

 Tension adustment device; automatically Position correcting set

Drawing identification

Sensor and service motor controlling


Vertical press

Temperature control

Heating tube Heater, automatically controlling

Foil collecting

Automatically collecting



H-TC1000KTD Full automatically Film hot stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • This is a specific roll materials, such as films, web, stickers and design of automatic flat hot stamping machine;
  • Suitable for all kinds of roll material surface bronzing certain pitch;
  • Roll material surface bronzing, two cases, one is not printed materials, this relatively simple form gilt; another one is already printed materials, this form requires precision photoelectric bronzing recognition.
  • Stable lateral movement by inverter motor control, stamping pressure evenly, good stamping quality;
  • Programmable logic controller precisely adjust various parameters, a good user interface;
  • Set up a single machine debugging function operation, you can set up a fully functional operation.

Application fields

  • Unprinted roll surface bronzing various materials;
  • A variety of printed materials gilt rolls;
  • Suitable adhesive industry, plastic packaging industry, the composite film packaging industry.

H-TC1000KTD Full automatically film hot stamping Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Maximum stamping width: 1000 MM;
  • Maximum stamping area: 200 × 200MM;
  • Table size: 900mm × 500mm;
  • Maximum printing speed: 30-120pcs / min;
  • Transfer time range: 0-99 seconds;
  • Reeling foil time range: 0-99 seconds;
  • Stamping head down stroke: 60mm;
  • Maximum stamping pressure: 1000kg;
  • Heat Wattage: 4 * 500w = 2000w;
  • Power supply: 3 phase 380V;
  •  Drive motor power: 1000W.

Works supply

  • 3Phase 380V Power supply;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air;

Package list

  • Package size: 4750×1750×1600MM;
  • Gross weight: 4263kg
  • CBM: 13.715896





H-TC1000KTD Full automatically Film hot stamping machine //Advantage


  • Microcomputer control, touch screen operating system;
  • Four Figure counter build in, high degree of automation;
  • High-precision tension control mechanism, film conveying smooth, uniform tension;
  • Stamping head position can be flexibly adjusted to any position in the film stamping;
  • Automatic temperature control system, precise and accurate temperature control;
  • Transfer time, Collecting time, temperature control to adjust the settings have been several significant ways;
  • High-precision electric Sensor control device, precise control of stamping pitch;
  • Stepless speed adjustment, stable and reliable machine operation speed;
  • Automatic alignment device, receives the paper part of the automatic collection;
  • High-precision stainless steel coil roll, stable and lasting life;
  • Rolls for products such as roll, roll film, the continuous self-adhesive label gilt.

Application︰ Hot stamping on roll materials is also a process often encountered in the packaging industry. Hot stamping on plastic film is more difficult because the film is very soft, easy to stretch, and difficult to position. After a long period of exploration, a brand-new hot stamping machine for roll film materials came out, which can stamp all materials such as PVC, PET, PP, PC, etc. with a width of 1M. The machine is equipped with an automatic tension system, an automatic correction system, and an automatic photoelectric tracking and alignment system, which is another weapon in the packaging industry.

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