Automatically cap two colors screen printing machine

Automatically cap two colors screen printing machine

Model No.︰SZD-202C

Brand Name︰KC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 34800 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description

SZD-202C Automatically Cap two colors screen printing machine//Usage and characters


  • Automatic screen printing machine;
  • Designed specifically for the printing of plastic bottle cap design independent feeder, efficient printing, and other containers can be converted mold printing, simple operation, save a lot of manpower to provide complete solutions for the plant productivity is low.
  • Market fully automatic screen printing machine in bottles all the connection type screen printing system, bottle finished the first color, into the second printing unit to the second color screen printing. Tolerance in the length direction, the type of screen printing machine can do a 5-color to six colors.
  • Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industry within the round, flat, square container on the surface of the printing of various patterns, such as cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, beverage bottles, milk bottles, space cups, filters, jars and other high-speed screen printing

Application fields

  • Plastic packaging, oil industry, cosmetics industry, commodity manufacturing industries;
  • Automotive filters, cylindrical products with positioning points;
  • Various hollow containers, some hoses, some open type containers;
  • Some have smooth sides of the cap.

SZD-202C Full automatically Two colours cap screen printing Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Max printing stroke: 300mm;
  • Max Printing speed: 4000pc/h;
  • Work piece size(Round): Diameter:25-50mm;Length:60-100mm;
  • Power supply: AC380V,3Phase ,45A/(1-3Colour),100A/(4-5Colour);
  • UV Lamp wattage: 4KW/pc;
  • UV Exhaust fan wattage: 0.2KW;
  • Exhaust rate: 11.6 m3/min;
  • Motor Wattage: 0.75KW;
  • Reduction gearbox : 1:7.5;
  • Feeding motor wattage : 0.75KW;
  • Fixture motor wattage : 0.5KW;
  • Vacuum Pressure : 500 mm/Ag;
  • Flame gas: Liquefied Petroleum gas( LPG);
  • Air : 6 Bar;
  • Air rate of flow : 1500Lit/M。

Works supply

  • Power: 1 phase 220V,45A;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air ;
  • Liquefied petroleum Gas, Natural gas

Package list

  • Package Dimension: 3600×1550×1220mm;
  • Gross weight: 1100Kg
  • CBM: 6.8076
  • Package Dimension: 1650×800×1220mm;
  • Gross weight: 165Kg
  • CBM: 1.6104





SZD-202C Two colors full automatically screen printing machine//Advantage


  • Designed for circular cap to describe the device's screen printing and design, simple structure, convenient debugging, stable and dependable.
  • The Feeding conveyor belt synchronous motor drive, speed, stepless adjustment, the width of the feed can be easily adjusted;
  • By the double-suction nozzle, caps can be automatically transferred to the screen printing conveyor system; the design of the automatic cap identification system, according to a unified direction in caps to the transmission system;
  • By flame treatment plant to improve ink adhesion of PP PE materials; flame pressure can be flexibly adjusted;
  • Automatically pre-bit system, multi-color overprint crucial in bottles word, overprint precision up to 0.08mm;
  • Replace the cap fixture, the machine can be easily printed diffrent caps to achieve the function of a machine;
  • The location of the screen and scraper can be achieved three-dimensional precision and angle adjustment, to ensure that the printing position to meet the user requirements;
  • Mechanical transmission with pneumatic combination of Japanese inverter for process control, running smoothly;
  • Touch screen operations, easily communicate with the machine to make operation even easier;
  • Online UV curing systems, import UV device, excellent curing speed and quality, greatly improve the efficiency of printing; printing speed 3600pcs/h.
  • Electronic sensors to achieve "no printing", the pressure is too low, automatic monitoring of the alarm and other functions.
  • Machine electrical components and control systems using components of Germany and Japan to ensure stable printing quality....

Application︰ It is difficult for bottle caps, hoses, cups and other products to require color printing without positioning points. There are currently two solutions to solve this problem. One is to use a chain structure where the product is installed on a chain conveyor. No rotation occurs, and the chromatic printing is completed by the positioning of the machine itself. The other is to install a servo positioning device next to the second color fixture to allow the sensor to identify the position of the first color and determine the initial printing position of the second color. The two overprinting methods can complete the overprinting of ordinary precision products, but for higher-precision tasks, there is currently no mature solution.

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