• Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates
  • Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates
  • Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates
  • Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates
  • Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates
  • Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates

Hot stamping machine for Plastic crates

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US $ 9565 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

    Advantages of hydraulic hot stamping machine:
1. Efficient: Compared with pneumatic devices, the hydraulic system can quickly and accurately complete the up and down movements of the ironing plate with high efficiency.
2. Sensitivity: The fluid in the hydraulic system is basically incompressible, and there is no hysteresis effect. Once pneumatically operated, the ironing plate can rise and fall quickly, with high sensitivity.
3. Reliable: Hydraulic components have a simple and durable structure and can withstand high pressure and high-speed operation. They also have self-lubricating and self-cooling properties, allowing them to work stably for a long time.
4. Adaptation: Adapt to various working environments and working conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, humidity, corrosion, etc.
5. Safety: Various safety protection devices and control systems can be used to ensure the safety of the ironing board.
     The hydraulic hot stamping machine is guaranteed to achieve stable and continuous high pressure, and is suitable for hot stamping and concave and convex embossing of large-size products. 

Hydraulic embossing stamping Machine //Structure

Working table

High strength Steel plate , size: 480*600mm.

Stamping Head drive

Hydraulic drive

Foil collecting method

 Motor-drive , Collecting time adjustable

Press adjustment

Up-down of working table

Temperature control

Heating tube heat up,Automatically temperature controlling, temperature free setting

Foil collecting

Motor drive, Automatically collecting

Max Pressure


Hydraulic embossing stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • Gilding - paper, leather, wood, plastic,
  • Baked - wood products, baked painting, gift box packaging;
  • Embossing - paper, leather, cloth.
  • Flat-object stamping machine with large-pressure, Suitable for stamping on invitation letter, card. Leather, wooden gift, Paper package, Plastics film, Electron products;
  • Manual. Automatic feed foil, automatic temperature controlling ensures stamping quality.
  • Because of large pressure, It is suitable for gilding and baking Impression on leather, paper, wooden materials.
  • Hydraulic drive, pressure more large.

Application fields

  • Paper Gilding, Leather Impression, Wood ware Baking
  • Paper Concave-convex embossing, Cloth hot stamping,
  • Plastics Bronzing
  • Mobile screen, Household appliances Panel , Thick paper card, PVC board Etc. large dimension Flat substrate stamping and Bronzing.
  • Woodiness objects baking-burns and Impress;
  • Leather bronzing and Molding;
  • Paper products concavo indentation.
  • Graduated disc of clock bronzing.
  • Die-cutting.

Hydraulic embossing stamping Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters



Hot plate area:150 ×200 mm

Working table area:480 ×600mm

Max printing pressure:20,000 Kg

Up and down distance:100mm

Heat wattage: 6×500W

 Foil in feed: Motor Drive

Temperature adjustment:0-300oC  

  • Hot plate area:210 × 290 mm
  • Working table area:480 ×600mm
  • Max printing pressure:20,000 Kg
  • Up and down distance:100mm
  • Heat wattage: 6×500W
  • Foil in feed: Motor Drive
  • Temperature adjustment:0-300oC 。

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 46# Hydraulic oil

Package list

  • Package size: 1.3*1.1*2.0m
  • Gross weight: 800kg;
  • CBM: 3.2524
  • Package size:1.3*1.1*2.0m
  • Gross weight: 800kg;
  • CBM: 3.2575





Hydraulic embossing stamping machine //Advantage


  • Bench made ​​of high strength cast steel forging, has a very high flatness and stability;
  • Thread rising institutions to adjust the table lift to facilitate the opening and closing of space according to the height adjustment of the product tipping machine;
  • Relay control program is running, easy operation, easy maintenance;
  • Pairs of buttons control the stamping head up and down, security is greatly enhanced;
  • Hydraulic drive instead of the pneumatic drive, stamping pressure significantly improve the stability is greatly enhanced;
  • Heating pipe heating, rapid heating, replacement is simple and convenient;
  • Heating plate can be removed to facilitate installation and replacement gilt template;
  • Ironing board and table parallelism can be adjusted to facilitate the flexible adjustment depending on the size of the different regions of the pressure;
  • Automatic temperature control system can be set depending on the product temperature, automatic temperature control; temperature control accuracy of about 5 degrees;
  • Hot foil stamping degree of time and rolls of time can be set freely according to different technical requirements;
  • Foil paper automatic document feeder, conveyor length can be set according to the size of the stamping area of ​​freedom.

Application︰ There is a class of container products with larger external dimensions, such as shopping bags, turnover boxes, storage boxes, with larger hollow areas due to the items to be contained. When this type of product is hot stamped, the product must be supported to make it have a certain rigidity. For this reason, the cantilever hot stamping machine came into being. The so-called cantilever hot stamping machine is to customize the worktable into a three-sided suspended structure, which can The product with the hollow in the middle is directly set on the worktable for bronzing, which not only saves the space of the machine, but also improves the quality of the bronzing.
The cantilever bronzing machine can be a pneumatic bronzing machine or a hydraulic bronzing machine. The positioning of the cantilever bronzing machine is very important, especially for products made of hard plastics such as turnover boxes. The use of external positioning will improve the positioning accuracy and operability. improve.

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