Screen printing samples

Screen printing samples-Round bottles, PP bottles, Plastics bottles

    The most commonly used printing process for products such as hollow containers is silk screen printing. Generally, a single curved screen printing machine is used, or a combination process of a flame treatment machine, a curved screen printing machine and a curved UV curing machine, or a fully automatic curved screen printing machine is used for printing.
    There are many types of hollow containers, which generally refer to blow-molded products of plastic materials with a small mouth and a large body. During the printing process, the issue of air blowing and color registration and positioning must also be considered. When you are negotiating with the machinery manufacturer, you must provide the following information of the hollow container accurately: material, size, whether there is an anchor point, whether there is a handle, purpose, and even provide a design drawing.

Screen printing samples-Round objects, cups

   Drinking cups are of the following types:
1) Material: plastic, rubber, metal, ceramic, paper.
2) Shape: cylinder, cone
3) Appearance features: with handle, without handle; with cover, without cover
4) Bottom features: those with or without anchor points.
5) Metal painted cups, metal covered cloth cups.
     All the cups can be printed in monochrome with semi-automatic screen printing machine, and can also be printed in monochrome with automatic screen printing machine; cups with handles and positioning points at the bottom can be positioned and overprinted with semi-automatic screen printing machine, or can be printed in full-automatic multi-color Color screen printing machine for multi-color overprinting; a permanent cup, no handle, cups without positioning points at the bottom, can be used for semi-automatic surface servo screen printing machine for color registration, or horizontal turntable screen printing machine for multi-color overprinting.

Screen printing samples-Fabric, Garment, cloths, T shirt

Screen printing samples-rulers,Triangular, Protractor

Screen printing samples-plastic containers, plastics bottles, plastics case

Screen printing samples-Ball ben, Signing pen,brush pen.

Screen printing samples-heat transfer film, plastics film.PET film

Screen printing samples-Roll cloth. ribbon

Screen printing samples-balloon

   The silk screen printing of balloons is quite special. It must first be blown into a certain size approximate sphere, and then screen printed on a special screen printing machine. The silk screen printing can be monochrome or multi-color.
     Balloon screen printing is not a high-precision printing process. It is subject to the change of blown size, the elasticity of balloon printing, shaking, and the change of position when the screen and balloon are in contact.
    The screen printing machines used in balloon printing are mainly monochrome balloon screen printing machines, turntable balloon screen printing machines, and in-line multi-color screen printing machines. Although these screen printing machines are powerful, they can only be used on certain parts of the balloon. print.