Rubber squeegee

Rubber Squeegee

  In the screen printing process, the squeegee by embossing mesh to the substrate surface, so that the transfer of the ink through the mesh to the product surface to achieve printing, and it is the source of the printing pressure.

  •      Cross-sectional shape of the squeegee:

Rectangular cross-section:

         Rectangular squeegee suitable for most occasions flat-screen printing, silk screen decoration paper, UV Spot coating, multi-color screen printing, overprint screen printing. Monochrome and multicolor overprint of plastic products.

Triangular cross-section
        Triangular section squeegee suitable hollow plastic container, hard and soft circular, elliptical blow paper products, the smooth surface of the textile printing; partial glass PAPER silk screen cylinder metal products, glass, paper products, ordinary CD silk screen of the disc.

Wedge-shaped cross-section
      The wedge-shaped cross-section for high precision outlets and extra-fine lines of fine print, low viscosity ink screen printing of fine lines, the fine dot silk screen of the mirror glass, ceramic fine after firing device, CD-ROM, silk screen outlets.

      Suitable for thick film coating, printing base, the fine tone prepress cover printing, UV Spot UV screen printing, rough surface screen printing, silk screen painting wood products, the sandblasting plastic products surface field printing, eye-catching LOGO prominent silk screen .

  •     Squeegee hardness:

        Squeegee is usually 65 degrees, 75 degrees, 85 degrees three.

65 degrees squeegee:
        Suitable for large area thick layer of coating, screen printing, suitable flatness of glass, ceramics, wood products, screen printing, large iron products screen printing. Ink through a large amount of ink thickness. Some bending products such as satellite antenna, bottle screen printing;

75 degrees squeegee:
       Suitable for paper, film, and all kinds of plastic products, monochrome, multicolor screen printing, textile screen printing, silk screen of most construction materials, large billboards screen printing

85 degrees squeegee
        Demanding products suitable for precision circuit boards, thick film circuit, soft film circuit panel, high-precision dot silk screen, flat-screen high smooth flat products, antique oil painting products, LCD panels, screen printing of various types of functional slurry.

Mixed hardness
        Has a solid supporting body with the printing process, the hardness can be varied. Screen printing machine suitable for high-speed screen printing machines, high-precision control, high-precision UV screen printing with offset printing of fine lines decoration.

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