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Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine

  • Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine
  • Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine
  • Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine
  • Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine
  • Automatic Bottle cap hot stamping machine
Model No.︰H-TC50KMA
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 10500 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

      Automatic hot stamping machine for plastic bottle caps is a hot stamping machine specially designed for hot stamping metal lines of various colors on bottle caps. The hot stamping machine adopts a turntable structure, and the hot stamping roller contacts the bottle cap from the side, with strong and uniform pressure.
         The hot stamping machine can automatically load and unload the material. The feeding manipulator transfers the bottle caps on the conveyor belt to the turntable in turn, and the turntable turns to transfer the bottle caps to the hot stamping position. The silicone roller moves and compresses the bottle under the drive of the cylinder. When the cap rotates, the bronzing paper will be transferred to the mouth of the bottle cap under the action of pressure and heat, and the stamped bottle cap will continue to rotate with the turntable until it is sucked by the blanking suction cup and sent to the conveyor belt at the unloading position. 

H-TC50KMA automatic bottle cap foil  heat transfer Machine //Structure

Working table

 10 stations rotating workbench  ;

Stamping Head drive

Pneumatic drive

Foil collecting method

Motor-drive , Collecting time adjustable

Press adjustment

Front-back of stamping head

Temperature control

Heating tube heat up,Automatically temperature controlling, temperature free setting

Stamping roller size

Width: 100mm, diameter: 125mm.

H-TC50KMA Automatic bottle kids foil heat transfer machine //Usage and characters


  • Products suitable for large area flat and cylindrical products, thermal transfer process;
  • Everyday household items, household appliances, toys, plastic gifts, etc. essential thermal transfer machines;
  • Pneumatic structure design, the transfer process more stable, the pressure more evenly;

Application fields

  • Plastics thermal transfer;
  • Woodware thermal transfer machine,stamping,
  • Plastics Bronzing ,Glass and metal Heat transfer;
  • All kinds of Round and irregular container cap, lid; cosmetic lids.

H-TC50KMA automatic bottle caps foil heat transfer Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Diameter of stamping roller :plate: 125×100 mm;
  • Heater Wattage: 2000W;
  • Stamping height adjustable range =100 mm;
  • Max. stamping diameter: 50mm
  • Stamping temperature adjustable range: 0 - 250oC;
  • Stamping foil pulling length: =150 mm;
  • Stroke of stamping plate: 50 mm;
  • Max. stamping pressure: 600 kgf (7bar);
  • Max. stamping speed: 1100 pcs/hr;
  • Air consumption: 100 litre/min;
  • Dimensions: 1450 x1450 x 1300 mm;
  • Weight: 465 Kg;

Works supply

  • 1 Phase 220V Power supply.

Package list

  • Package dimension:1.5×1.5×1.35m
  • Gross weight: 439KG;
  • CBM:3.296176





H-TC50KMA Automatic bottle caps foil heat transfer machine //Advantage


  • The program controller, easy to operate;
  • 10 stations rotating workbench,
  • Uniform heat transfer, plastic roller rotation, suitable for cylinder heat transfer can be achieved by installing a different fixture;
  • High-precision photoelectric cell tracking control for easy positioning thermal transfer;
  • Non-location requirements of stamping using a timed feeder by the length of the rolls can be flexibly adjusted;
  • Adjustable worktable, easy to transfer the workpieces of different lengths;
  • The transfer pressure, temperature, speed can be based on different material for the flexible adjustment;
  • The height adjustable stamping head movements can fine-tune, easy to adjust the height of the different products;
  • Precise temperature control system, temperature error control in less than 3 degrees; silicone roll radiant heating, thermal efficiency of the utilization factor;
  • Rubber roller embossing pressure control system, constant pressure of the transfer process, the transfer effect is more perfect;
  • Bench design of the patented floating bodies, in accordance with the outline of the product line floating in the transfer process to maintain the Cots thermal transfer film or foil paper is closely attached to the surface of the product, and profiling Hot Stamping and Heat Transfer .
  • Robot downloading, speed more fast.
Application︰Cosmetics and detergents are usually packaged in containers made of polyolefin materials, and these containers need to be sealed with caps. It is very common to hot stamp a gold or silver thread on the opening edge of the bottle cap. Semi-automatic hot stamping machine and automatic hot stamping machine Du Neng hot stamp such lines. For the semi-automatic hot stamping machine, the hot stamping head is a flat surface and a silicone roller, both of which can achieve exquisite hot stamping. when install rotating workbench and robot, production efficiency will greatly improve
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