•  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)
  •  Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)

Servo Cylinder hot stamping machine(H-TC400KS)

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Product Description

   Plastic barrels with a diameter of more than 250mm are usually decorated with silk screen printing, heat transfer printing and stickers. However, as the market's environmental protection requirements increase, some high-end customers also use hot stamping for decoration. H-TC400KS curved surface hot stamping machine is specially designed for such plastic bucket hot stamping, its main features are:
    The working table adopts the servo motor to control the fixture to drive the plastic barrel to rotate. Translation sliding is controlled by linear guide rail
   Adopting touch screen man-machine interface, it is convenient to realize the digital adjustment of bronzing parameters;
   The ironing board remains still to ensure the tightness of contact between the plastic barrel and the ironing board;
   The size of the ironing plate is 200*400mm. After the hot stamping of a pattern is completed, the servo motor of the fixture can be set to turn at different angles to perform the same hot stamping for the second time. Avoid the increase in the difficulty of the hot stamping machine caused by the excessive size of the hot plate;
The ironing head is controlled by double cylinders, and the pressure can be greatly enhanced.
   The hot stamping machine for plastic barrels is a supplement to the decoration process of large-diameter plastic barrels. 

H-TC400KS Pneumatic Flat-cylinder hot stamping Machine//Structure

Working table

Shuttle working table, Max stamping diameter: 400mm

Stamping Head drive

Pneumatic drive

Foil collecting method

Motor-drive , Collecting time adjustable

Press adjustment

Up-down of Stamping head

Temperature control

Heating tube heat up,Automatically temperature controlling, temperature free setting

Foil collecting

Motor drive, Automatically collecting

Stamping plate size


H-TC400KS Pneumatic cylinder hot stamping machine //Usage and characters


  • Stamping circular diameter of 100mm, widely used in cosmetic packaging, stationery, manufacturing, process gifts,
  • Gilding - paper, leather, wood, plastic,
  • Flat-object stamping machine , Suitable for stamping on invitation letter, card. Leather, wooden gift, Paper package, Electron products;
  • Automatic feed foil, automatic temperature controlling ensures stamping quality.
  • Pneumatic drive,;
  • Suitable for bottle, cosmetic case cap.

Application fields

  • Paper Gilding, Leather Impression,
  • Plastics Bronzing
  • Leather bronzing and Molding;
  • Small diameter cylinder

H-TC400KS Pneumatic cylinder hot stamping Machine //Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Size of stamping plate: 200×400 mm;
  • Heater Wattage: 2000W;
  • Stamping height adjustable range =500 mm;
  • Max. stamping diameter: For whole circle: 100mm For partial circle: 300mm;
  • Stamping temperature adjustable range: 0 -300oC;
  • Stamping foil pulling length: =400 mm;
  • Stroke of stamping plate: 400 mm;
  • Max. stamping pressure: 3500 kgf (7bar);
  • Max. stamping speed: 200 pcs/h;
  • Power: 110/220V, 60/50Hz;
  • Air consumption: 186 litre/min.

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 5-7Bar compress air

Package list

  • Package size: 1.70*1.00*1.750m;
  • Gross weight: 565kg;
  • CBM:2.975





H-TC400KS Pneumatic cylinder hot stamping machine //Advantage


  • Table can be up and down, around, before and after the precision adjustment, to facilitate the adjustment of the precise location of the gilt;
  • Relays for process control, stable operation, easy maintenance;
  • The use of advanced temperature control system, the temperature can be set freely, high precision temperature control, with automatic temperature control;
  • leveraged cylinder pressure, the pressure is uniform and strong;
  • The basic parameters of the hot stamping process; temperature, pressure, hot pressure, the rolls of time in accordance with the process requirements of the flexible adjustment;
  • Motor to control the delivery of the gold foil , resin length can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of the stamping area;
  • Using high strength steel, gilt plate and table, has a very high flatness;
  • Heating tube for heating, heat supply is stable, easy to replace;
  • Safe protection device installed;
  • The stamping head height adjustable;
  • Shuttle stable shift ensure stamping cylindrical workpiece;
  • Stamping flat workpiece while uninstall the shuttle;
  • With oil - gas shift cylinder, ensuring a more stable pressure bronzing.

Application︰ For plastic barrels with a diameter of more than 300mm, it is common to use silk-screen printing and thermal transfer printing processes, and bronzing processes are rarely used. However, some customers like the bronzing effect very much, so it is also a good choice to use the bronzing process. In contrast, the bronzing process is much more difficult than the screen printing process and the thermal transfer process. This aspect is to ensure that the plastic barrel and the hot plate are in uniform contact during the embossing process. This requires that the barrel’s rotation runout tolerance is small. And the shuttle process is smooth. In addition, it is also very important to ensure the smooth transportation of the bronzing paper.

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