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Printing Machine 


Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer

  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
  • Automatic Pen-rod cylinder screen printer
Model No.︰TLAS-80
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 10294 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

    The diameter of the pen in the writing tool is generally relatively small, and the screen printing machine is preferred when printing on the surface, and the automatic screen printing machine is a production line that integrates the feeding tank, pre-press processing device, screen printing device and humor drying device. Its The structure is roughly similar to other circular automatic screen printing machines, but the overall size is smaller. The pen holder screen printing machine can be regarded as a reduced version of the screen printing machine, which is specially designed for printing small diameter products. In order to adapt to all types of pen holders, the fully automatic pen holder screen printing machine has been designed with many options, such as automatic feeding mechanism, flame treatment, high frequency processing, PP water wiping unit, silk screen printing unit, UV curing and IR curing unit. 

Automatically Pen-rod screen printing machine//Usage and characters


  • Pens in the stationery manufacturing industry who occupy the most important position, and if the circumferential direction of the pen color to achieve the following decorations, silk printer is the most mature and most simple process;
  • In diameter, 20mm large and monochrome printing pen products,
  • Such as a ballpoint pen, pencil, marker, whiteboard pen, gel pen, pen, pencil, lipstick, medical syringes, bamboo chopsticks and other small-diameterthe fully automatic monochrome high-speed printing and design of the object surface screen printing machine.
  • The high printing speed, print quality and stability.
  • Automatic loading and unloading, saving labor intensity, and rocker transport mechanism running smoothly
  • Double-set combine deisgn, equivalently two sets screen printing Machine

Application fields

  •  Stationery various types of writing instruments in the circumferential direction of monochrome printing;
  • Birthday candles, round metal parts, the general accuracy Buddhist screen;
  • Some hard without blowing a small diameter container silk screen;
  • Some states overall showed a cylindrical chopsticks, drums stick silk screen.
  • Some ceramic heating tube screen printing,

 Full automatically Pen-rod screen printing Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Objects diameter:φ6~φ20 mm
  • Objects length:55~160 mm
  • Printing stroke: 20~80 mm
  • Max printing speed: 7200 pcs/h
  • Motor wattage: 4.5kw
  • Feeding Motor: 25W;
  • Mainly Motor: 375W;
  • IR Motor: 60W
  • Cool Motor: 5W.
  • Net weight: ≈450kg
  • Max Frame dimension: 300×200mm.
  •  IR wattage: 1KW(up)+1KW(Down)
  •  IR Length: 800mm

Works supply

  • Power: 1 phase 220V;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air ;
  • Liquefied petroleum Gas, Natural gas

Package list

  • Package dimension: 3110*1270*1550mm;
  • Gross weight: 750kg.
  • 6.12204





full automatically Pen-rod screen printing machine//Advantage


  • Cleaning screen , adding ink when stopping will not singe objects in drying closet;
  • With vacuum function seated (selection ) for precision orientation.
  • High speed printing;
  • Printing two kinds of different objects meantime is able.
  • Installed surface cleaning device;
  • Double blade design for high quality coating ink;
  • Eletcron controlling ensure lower noise;
  • Automatic feeding and printing;
  • Printing stroke and printing speed is adjustable;
  • Taiwan frequency conversion production installed;
  • IR  drying system online
Application︰ Some diameters of less than 20mm slender pen rod products, need screen printing, the use of chain drive automatic screen printing machine is more cost-effective, this machine takes up less space, compared to the vertical turntable screen printing machine, it is faster, through the addition of feeding device and IR drying device and UV drying device, the total automatic pen rod screen printing machine in the market has significantly improved the market share. Pen rod products are mostly made of PP material, generally need prepress treatment, prepress treatment of the way has flame treatment, chemical treatment and high frequency treatment, we can add different devices according to customer needs.
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