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IR Drying tunnel

  • IR Drying tunnel
  • IR Drying tunnel
  • IR Drying tunnel
  • IR Drying tunnel
  • IR Drying tunnel
  • IR Drying tunnel
Model No.︰M-100750XIR
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 5000 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

    Almost all printing processes seek to firmly adhere the fluid ink to the surface of the product without falling off. Since the ink is composed of pigments, binders, various additives and solvents, it is necessary to take measures to shorten the adhesion time and drying of the ink. Time is an inevitable requirement of the printing process.
       The screen printing ink used in the screen printing process belongs to the leakage type ink, which can be squeezed through the blank part of the screen to form an imprint under the action of pressure. In the drying process, in addition to the natural drying and natural volatilization process, the temperature is forced Drying will speed up the drying process of the ink.
      There are many kinds of screen printing inks, but the most important screen printing inks are basically solvent-based inks and UV inks. Solvent-based inks are mainly characterized by the complete volatilization of solvents, while UV inks are mainly based on the crosslinking reaction of acrylic resins under UV light irradiation. feature.
    The forced drying of solvent-based inks generally uses a far-infrared tunnel furnace. This is a machine that can continuously generate heat and accelerate solvent volatilization. It is used in conjunction with a screen printing machine. Automatically enter the drying unit and receive heat radiation. Tunnel furnaces are widely used in post-printing processes such as pad printing and silk screen printing.
   Similarly, the drying of UV ink must use a UV curing machine. The UV curing machine is a device that generates UV light. The metal halide lamp installed in it emits ultraviolet light after being lit. When a product printed with UV ink passes by, the ink will instantly Dry on product surface. 

M-100750XIR IR Drying Machine//Usage and characters


  • Used in the field of curing heat-solid ink printed on clothes;
  • This machine is suitable for T shirt and most of fabric ;
  • Curing some soft materials after coating by roller ;
  • Entering mouth adjustable make different objects curing;
  • Temperature controlled automatically ensure Objects drying on lower temperature;
  • High efficient dryer which is heated by far-infrared and hot wind.;
  • Temperature is controllable. speed of tefron coated conveyor can be adjusted stepless.
  • Suitable for drying printed garment, printed textile, Printed paper and printed film, etc;
  • Also use in many occasions of drying or pre-drying printed or unprinted objects.

Application fields

  • Cloth , fabric , Garment
  • Electron, Hardware, Auto, Toys, Gifts, Plastics parts,
  • Plastics products, House appliances, work of art, Stationery, Ornament, cosmetic, sports apparatus .
  • suitable for solvent-base and heat-set ink.

M-100750XIR IR Drying tunnel //Parameter

Technical parameters

M-100660XIR far-infrared Drying conveyer

  • Conveyer width:1000mm;
  • Total wattage:22KW;
  • Wind fan wattage:45W/220V*3;
  • Conveyer motor wattage:90W/1P/220V;
  • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min;
  • Speed adjustment:Stepless;
  • Heater Lamp wattage:1000W/220V×22pcs;
  • Max height of production: 100mm;
  • Total Length:6600mm, Heat length: 4800mm;
  • Entering length: 750mm Exit length: 450mm.

M-100750XIR far-infrared Drying conveyer

  • Conveyer width:1000mm;
  • Total wattage:30KW;
  • Wind fan wattage:45W/220V*2;
  • Conveyer motor wattage:90W/1P/220V;
  • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min;
  • Speed adjustment:Stepless;
  • Heater Lamp wattage:1000W/220V×30pcs;
  • Max height of production: 100mm;
  • Total Length:7500mm, Heat length: 6000mm;
  • Entering length: 750mm Exit length: 750mm.

Works supply

  • Power: 3 phase 380V.

Package list

Package Dimension:

  • 2800*1320*770mm/3pc (320KG);
  • 1450*1300*650mm/1pc(180kg)





M-100750XIR IR Drying tunnel //Advantage


  • Made by high temperature conveyer belt;
  • Famous brand motor drive,stepless speed adjustment;
  • High quality FIR lamp to ensure stabilization temperature;
  • Taiwan electron circult controlling and operation simply;
  • High precision Pulling roll and running Smoothly;
  • Temperature can be adjustable according to different requirments.
  • High Drying Efficient-

heated with far-infrared ceramic heating rod and hot wind circuit make printed object dry evenly in the shortest time. Thus save power;

  • Heatproof conveyor belt-

telflon coated conveyor belt can work properly and durable in high temperature.

  • Conveyor speed controllable-

The conveyor is driven by stepless change speed motor. Therefore, running speed of conveyor can be set arbitrary, Thus, The dryer can dry different thickness object.

  • Cover openableheating room-

openable covers on both side of heating room. Ceramic heating rod can be easily replaced by simply opening the cover of heating room.

  • Wide range and precision temperature control-

Heating temperature can be set to any temperature between roon temperature to 300 degree. Tolerance of temperature is in +/-5 degree.

Application︰In the printing process, the process of the final drying of the ink to the printed matter is very important. We have a variety of means to accelerate the drying of the ink. For example, solvent-based inks can be dried by a tunnel drying oven, and UV inks can be dried by a UV curing machine. dry.
The tunnel drying oven uses a heating tube to generate infrared rays. The infrared rays irradiate the surface of the ink to cause the volatilization of the solvent and the curing of the connecting material. This drying method is very common in pad printing, silk screen printing, especially textile printing. The principle of the tunnel oven dryer is simple, and the structure is not complicated. It has a significant printing and drying effect for plastic printing, toys, gifts, handicrafts and even daily necessities.
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