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New products 

Hudraulic hot foil stamping machine for crates

Packaging industry, Die cutting, Embossing, high precision stamping, Decorative painting wood products branded paste painting process requires a lot of pressure. Usually the pressure of the pneumatic hot stamping machine is difficult to more than 15 tons, more than 15 tons stamping pressure hydraulic drive could be considered. 
    Pneumatic bronzing machine to pass the gas pressure as a medium, there are a lot of uncertainty, because there is more room for the gas molecules, can easily be compressed, so the pressure delivered to the product surface, there would be a process of change. The distance between the liquid molecules is much smaller than gas molecules, once the pressure delivered to the product surface, the pressure will remain for a long time stability. 
   Hydraulic drive, the machine itself to be equipped with a complete hydraulic system, compared to the pneumatic hot stamping machine, the structure is more complex, some of which will be expensive.

Automatic heat transfer machine for Long rod

For up to 800mm carbon fiber shaft, the heat transfer more difficult, but we have overcome many difficulties, and finally completed a set of automatic transfer machine. 
1) carbon fiber material: Carbon fiber is made from organic fibers by carbonization and graphitization treatment obtained microcrystalline graphite materials. Similar to the microstructure of carbon fiber artificial graphite is turbostratic graphite structure. A mechanical performance of new materials, steel accounted for less than 1 / 4, the tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composite materials are generally in 3500Mpa above, is 7-9 times that of steel, tensile elastic modulus of 230 ~ 430Gpa also high in steel. Therefore, the specific strength of CFRP material intensity and the ratio of the density can be achieved 2000Mpa / (g/cm3) above, the specific strength of A3 steel only 59Mpa / (g/cm3) about a specific modulus than steel. Higher than the strength of the material, the smaller the component weight, higher than the modulus, the greater is the stiffness, in this sense indicates that the carbon fiber has broad application prospects in engineering. Carbon fiber is a carbon content higher than 90% of the inorganic polymer fibers. In which the carbon content higher than 99% of said graphite fibers. Carbon fiber axial strength and high modulus, non-creep, fatigue resistance, good heat and electrical conductivity between the metallic and metal between the thermal expansion coefficient, good corrosion resistance, low density of fibers, X-ray transparent too good. But its poor impact resistance, easy to damage, under the action of the acid oxidation, and metal composite occurs when the metal carbide, cementite and electrochemical corrosion. Therefore, before use of carbon fiber surface treatment. Carbon fiber shaft with the use of its excellent fatigue resistance. Through the experiment, as long as the transfer film adhesive layer to make the necessary improvements, the transfer of carbon fiber can achieve good results. 
2) transportation; trough the use of the usual storage device can be placed about 150 shaft. As the inherent speed of thermal transfer, automatic transfer machine speed can reach 1200 per hour, higher speed depends on the overall structure of the machine, but given the long shaft, high speed could mean the loss of stability . 
3) fixtures; double-stick-type structure, which is slender cylinder for the structure of commonly used products. 

Rotating table screen printing machine production line

  • High accurate rotating workbench;
  • PLC opeartion system;
  • High precision screen printing system;
  • Downloading robot automatical;
  • IR Tunnel



  • Table size:150*200mm;
  • 4 stations working table;
  • Motor-driven printing system;
  • Automatic robot ;
  • 3000W IR system

Large format servo pad printing machine


Servo shuttle workbench, Shuttle stroke:250mm;

Big inkwell size: 200*300mm pad plates;

Independent cylinder driven for rubber pad;

PLC operation system



Under normal circumstances, a bronzing machine will only install a set of hot stamping  foil feeding device and winding device, only hot stamping one color bronzing film, if you want to hot stamp another color bronzing film, you must use another  set hot stamping machine, some users may find the cost too high. To this end, we have developed a two-color hot stamping machine (H2-TC4060LPT), which adds a feeding and winding device to the original hot stamping machine, which can stamp two colors of bronzing film at one time. However, this bronzing machine can only be used if the two hot stamping patterns are far apart and parallel to each other.


Large size for 500*800mm paper;

Super pressure, suitable for large area bronzing, die cutting and indentation, paste;

Double-volume receiving device, suitable for two-color hot stamping;

Upgraded operation panel for easier operation;

High strength steel plate for excellent stability.

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