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Water transfer 




Membrane activation
Approved transfer of water deposited on the transfer film tiled water tank, graphics layers up to keep the tank water clean and basically in neutral state, with the activator even in the graphic surface coating layer, the map text layer active, easy-to-film separation occurs with the carrier. activator is an aromatic hydrocarbon-based organic solvent mixture, can quickly dissolve polyvinyl alcohol damage, but will not harm graphics layer, so that graphic in the free state. Activation temperature is a key factor affecting film, the higher the temperature, the faster activation, but the high temperature is also very easy to wrinkle the surface of the film Yi, so the water temperature is generally maintained at 30-40 degrees. 

Water transfer process:

Will need to transfer the products of water, along the contours of the product gradually close to the water transfer film, graphic layer under the effect of the pressure slowly transferred to the surface of the product, because the ink layer and the substrate, or a special coating adhesion inherent the formation of adhesion. and free of ink film layer attached to the surface of the product. In the transfer process should be noted that to maintain the speed of substrate to fit evenly, to avoid film folding unsightly wrinkles Yi so graphic, in principle, to ensure proper stretching as far as possible from repeated graphics, especially junction, overlap over more, gives a feeling of clutter. The more complex the product the higher the operating requirements for brush does not require disclosure of the overall product, it is important to take measures to block the link. 


Remove the workpiece from the tank, remove the residual film, and then clean water, wash away the surface of the product without fixing the floating layer, not too much attention to pressure, or easy to transfer graphic damage.'s Production line automatic washing equipment will significantly improve the quality and production efficiency washing, easy division of labor. 


Remove the product surface moisture is conducive to transfer ink to dry thoroughly, increase fastness, dry and hair dryer available, the product can also be placed in dry boxes dry, plastic products can not be too high drying temperature, roughly 50-60 degrees , the temperature is too easy to substrate deformation, for metals, glass, ceramics and other materials, the temperature can be raised. 

 Spray paint protection: 

Graphic layer to enhance the environmental resistance to treatment in the surface paint, painting can be varnished with solvent-based spray, natural drying and heat drying, UV varnish can also be used, the use of UV-curing dry, compared to UV curing reflects the environmental protection requirements. 

Solvent-based varnish with matching hardener mix, water transfer is a polyurethane spray varnish resin binder varnish, hardener to use with PU coating thickness by adding the appropriate amount of diluent to improve the varnished viscosity control, and finally in the oven to prevent drying. graphic layer attached to the post-gloss varnish is also greatly improved. for different printing materials, Varnish is also divided into three types, suitable for plastic materials, varnish, suitable for flexible materials, varnish, suitable for glass, metal and other non-absorbent materials, Varnish

Water transfer Equipment

major hardware facilities to complete the water transfer process
Film Feeding equipment
Film feeding equipment mainly to the completion of the water draped whisk transfer film graphic activation and transfer of film to the surface of the product. Feeding equipment is actually a thermostatically controlled water tank, some with white metal welded, some made of stainless steel
Automatic on membrane equipment used for the feeding film of the standard product operation. The robot can freely handling products, greatly improving the productivity, but also reduce the tedious manual procedures
Water transfer film good cut flat on the water surface of the membrane devices, the film after water absorption and water formed parallel to the storage state, the free floating on water, because the surface tension of water, the ink layer will be a uniform, flat Shop in the water. Activator uniformly sprayed on the surface of the film, the film will gradually destroyed and dissolved, the rendered free state due to the water resistance of the ink, the ink layer
Washing equipment
Washing equipment to complete the cleaning of the product surface residual film, the general washing equipment manufacturers into the pipeline in the form to facilitate continuous production. After the transfer of the product placed on the conveyor belt of the washing equipment (s), the operatives using manual methods of product residues cleaned and then exile in the next step
The main form of the washing equipment is provided above the conveyor belt of a different number of nozzles. Nozzle can spray pressure at the different sleep line, the waterline can wash away residual film of the surface of the product.
Drying equipment
Drying apparatus is used after removal of the residual film, after the operation of the products injection sulfate. For drying after washing is the evaporation of water, the injector after drying is the volatility of the solvent and dried. After the water evaporates, the graphic will form a close combination of force and product, and will form a high-gloss varnish dry, dense and hard graphic protection layer
There are two forms: drying equipment production lines and single Case, single case commonly used in products proofing process of drying, the pipeline drying equipment used for large-scale production. Pipeline drying equipment delivery device, drying apparatus, the main requirement is that the general design of the products to the terminal to be transported into the drying unit to dry thoroughly. Drying device by way of infrared heating
With the UV spray the rapid development of technology, the surface of the product UV spray began to receive attention, the UV environmental advantages and superior physical and chemical properties has been of concern for the field of water transfer. Dry UV spray technology is the use of UV drying production line, the UV drying production line and the traditional UV curing technology with UV curing machine and no difference
Spraying equipment 
      Spraying equipment is used for spraying the surface of the product after the transfer, it has the body and the fuel injection pressure means constituting the spraying with paint into fine particulate matter floating in the high pressure, when the product formed after adsorption force. Automatic injector device not only can automated operation of the product, also addresses the operation of employee health damage

    Despite the water transfer process itself is little risk, but some of the water transfer process chemicals on the human body is water transfer equipment is not high degree of automation injury still relatively large proportion of the manual, these are water transfer some of the problems currently faced by the printing equipment. These issues will continue to be improved.

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