• Automatically one color pad printer for rubber
  • Automatically one color pad printer for rubber
  • Automatically one color pad printer for rubber
  • Automatically one color pad printer for rubber
  • Automatically one color pad printer for rubber
  • Automatically one color pad printer for rubber

Automatically one color pad printer for rubber

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Product Description

     Writing, painting is a constant process for beginners. It is inevitable that errors are inevitable. Use eraser rubbing to wipe out the wrong strokes or text, which runs through almost all junior scholars, especially primary and secondary school students. Eraser  is a rubber that adds a certain proportion of auxiliary agent and formed. It has the characteristics of softness, dandruff, and friction resistance. It can effectively remove the carbon on the paper. It can also exist independently. Printing on Easer is estimated to be a problem that many practitioners will encounter. It can not only express the brand image, but also a means to attract consumers. Most of the Eraser wipes are printed with a printer. Because the size of the eraser is small, a design of 10-20 blocks is usually printed, which is arranged by the pattern of corrosive matrix on a steel plate and the eraser according to the same one on the same ones The matrix is arranged on the workbench for pad printing, speed can be greatly improved. Most of the eraser  are printed with automatic pad printers. It includes a vibration disk structure, positioning mechanism, pad printer, and downloading mechanism.

Automatically one  colour Eraser pad printer //Usage and characters


  • Suitable for pad  printing in a variety of diameters 100mm below plastic parts.
  • Large quantities of irregular small plastic accessories specially designed automatic pad printing machines, widely used in high-speed pad printing and beverage industry, cosmetics industry, electronics, stationery, jewelry, household appliances and other industries.
  • Using aluminum airframe manufacturing, running precise; solenoid valves and cylinders from Germany and Taiwan products, life is more durable
  • Closed ink supply, more convenient shaker automatic feeding device, smooth operation, overlay precision.
  • adhesion of the ink can be printed 3-6 with a mold specifications of plastic parts, printing efficiency is improved.

Application fields

Electronics, hardware, auto parts, toys, gifts, plastic products, household appliances, artwork, stationery, ornaments, cosmetics, daily necessities, sports equipment, lighting, wood products, office supplies, photographic equipment, kitchen utensils, hotel supplies, computers, mobile phone accessories, and other industrial fields.

Full automatically One color eraser pad printing Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Max. plate size: 100×500 mm;
  • Max. worktable area: 125x400mm;
  • Max. printing area:85×400mm;
  • Max. printing speed: 3000pcs/hr;
  • Printable colour :1;
  • closed up diameter: 90mm.
  • IR Wattage: 2000W.

Works supply

  • Power: 3 phase 380V;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air .

Package list

  • Package dimension: 2480×2230×1580mm
  • Weight: 785kg
  • CBM: 8.7381





full automatically One color eraser pad printing machine//Advantage


  • Customized according to user requirements on the shaker feeding system
  • LCD screen technique
  • Built-digit auto counter
  • High-strength aluminum alloy fuselage structure.
  • Environmental cup ink supply system to ensure environmental clean it.
  • Automatic transmission positioning device to ensure accurate printing of displacement;
  • IR curing means instantaneous drying ink.
  • A multi-mode digital printing methods, improving productivity.
  • Brand pneumatic components, ensure that the printing machine can change and stability.

Application︰ The eraser used by the students is an important tool for correcting wrong writing. It is basically used throughout the entire schooling stage. Most rubbers need printing, and pad printing is the most important method. The size of the eraser is relatively small, and the shape is relatively prescribed. It is logical to use a fully automatic pad printer.

The automatic rubber pad printer adopts vibrating plate feeding method, sequential multi-mode printing method, open and closed ink supply method, and ink drying method can be installed.

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