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Laser cutting machine for fabric

  • Laser cutting machine for fabric
  • Laser cutting machine for fabric
  • Laser cutting machine for fabric
  • Laser cutting machine for fabric
  • Laser cutting machine for fabric
Model No.︰B-1612
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 11000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

    Human clothing is sewn from multiple pieces, and these pieces are divided into different shapes according to the designer's intention. Initially, the pieces of clothing were divided by a die cutter. With the development of technology, the advantages of laser cutting machines in dividing pieces have become more and more obvious. The laser cutting machine can produce high-precision and high-energy laser beams, and the computer-controlled laser head can move quickly at any position in the horizontal and vertical directions, and it is very easy to cut into very complex shapes on the surface of the cloth.
     The laser cutting machine avoids the production process of complex knife molds, and is directly controlled by the human-machine interface. The cutting shape can be arbitrary, and can be cut in a single piece or customized in batches. For designers, it is possible to quickly customize clothing patterns and establish market information feedback. channel.

Technical parameters

Model B1012 B1610 B1810 B1812 B1820
Laser types Glass tube closed CO2 laser
Laser wattage 80W 100W 130W 180W 200W
Process size 100*120CM 160*100CM 180*100CM 180*120CM 180*200CM
Cutting speed 0-6400MM/MIN
Repeat accurate +-0.05mm +-0.05mm +-0.05mm +-0.05mm +-0.05mm
Table Metal belt 360 Rotating flatform
Action system CNC CNC CNC CNC CNC
Cooling system water Water water water water
Blowing system Bump bump bump bump bump
Exhaust system 550w Fan 550W fan 750WFan 750W Fan 750W Fan
Power AC-220+-10%, 50/60HZ. 10Amax
Total wattage 2350w 2350w 2350w 2350w 2350w
document format DWD, DXF, JPEG,AI,TIFF, PLT, CDR, BMP, GIF
Outer size          
Net weight 450kg 525kg 600kg 750kg 1000kg


1. Using high-precision image recognition technology, automatically find all kinds of printed graphic edge cutting lines or positioning feature points.

2. After the pattern is input into the computer, it can be automatically identified and accurately, and quickly positioned to cut, avoiding the user's material loss due to inaccurate positioning;

3. Fast continuous cutting, powerful data processing capability of fine DSP technology, professional image recognition technology software; precise mechanical organization coordination, high-speed stability of plastic coated equipment;

4. Automatic backlight compensation, the software can automatically correct and establish a model for circular feature points, avoiding manual intervention.

5. Adopt high-listing reverse camera to ensure accurate image recognition and capture;

6. Servo CNC laser head motion control, stable operation, fast and smooth motion;

7. Automatic feeding metal mesh belt, especially suitable for precise cutting of independent printing patterns after roll printing. 

Application︰ Laser cutting machine is a device that uses high -energy beams generated by laser as a cutting tool to cut the fabric. It is mainly composed of laser, cutting head, CNC system, driving system, cooling system, auxiliary gas and other parts.

The clothing is sewn by different shapes of cutting films, and the cutting piece is made of molded fabrics. The laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, flat cutting, high cutting accuracy, hot cutting heat in the cutting process It affects the advantages of small and narrow cutting seams. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Precision: Laser cutting machines can be accurately cut according to the design pattern. Whether it is a straight line or a complex curve, it can be easily cope. This greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of cutting, and reduces the error of artificial cutting.

2. No contact: Laser cutting is a wayless processing method that does not cause any form of pressure on the fabric to ensure the original form of the fabric.

3. High -speed: The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is very fast, which greatly improves production efficiency.

4. Innovation design: Laser cutting machines can achieve various complex and innovative design, providing more design possibilities.
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