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Printing Machine 


UV Exposure machine for screen plate

  • UV Exposure machine for screen plate
  • UV Exposure machine for screen plate
  • UV Exposure machine for screen plate
  • UV Exposure machine for screen plate
  • UV Exposure machine for screen plate
Model No.︰SM-150200UVE
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1785 / pic
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

    In the process of making the screen, it is a very important process to transfer the pattern on the film to the screen printing plate coated with photosensitive adhesive, which is done by the printing machine. The working table of the plate printing machine is transparent glass, and the glass is under the UV lamp tube. When printing the plate, the plate negative film is attached to the screen surface and placed on the table, and the blanket will only press the negative film and the screen plate tightly. , Since the printing negative has black graphic area and transparent area, UV light will pass through the transparent area and be blocked by the graphic area, and the photosensitive adhesive on the screen will appear in exposed and non-exposed areas, and then in the process of processing to make the final Net version.

UV Exposure Machine //Usage and characters


  • Used in the filed of plate-making such as pad plate, screen plate, hot stamper plate, resin plate;
  • When you cover the film onto the plate into UV exposure machine, start it, the emulsion on the plate will appear a unseen imagine;
  • This is important process on all plate-making technology. flexibility Rubber Film ensure Film contact compactly with surface of silk when vacuum state.

Application fields

  • Nylon silk,;
  • PET Silk,
  • Stainless steel silk.

UV Exposure machine //Parameter

Technical parameters


  • Glass Dimension: 900X1200mm;
  • Glass thickness: 10mm.
  • Lamp Wattage: 2000W;
  • Max Frame dimension: 800×1100mm;
  • Exposure Area: 850mm×1150mm;
  • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
  • Wattage: 80w/cm;
  • Lamp distance:750mm;
  • Weight:135KG.
  • Glass Dimension: 1200X1500mm;
  • Glass thickness: 10mm;
  • Lamp Wattage: 3000W;
  • Max Frame dimension: 1100×1500mm;
  • Exposure Area: 1050mm×1550mm;
  • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
  • Wattage: 80w/cm;
  • Lamp distance:750mm;
  • Weight:155KG.
  • Glass Dimension: 1500X2000mm;
  • Glass thickness: 10mm;
  • Lamp Wattage: 3000W;
  • Max Frame dimension: 1400×1900mm;
  • Exposure Area: 1450mm×1950mm;
  • Vacuum degree: 0.05mpa;
  • Wattage: 100w/cm;
  • Lamp distance:750mm;
  • Weight:175KG

Works supply

  • 1phase 220V or 3Phase 380V Power supply

Package list

  • Outer size: 1.28×0.98×0.98m ;
  • Net  weight:135 KG
  • Package size:1.34×1.03×1.02m ;
  • Gross weight:226 KG;
  • CBM: 1.136





UV Exposure Machine //Advantage


  • Choose high quality UV lamp. keep long life;
  • Reflect cover made by resist aging materials;
  • Whole jointing with zinco plate, both portability and firmly;
  • Exposal time auto adjustment and controlling;
  • High vacuum degree, easy to transfer and copy fine lines ;
  • Automatic door of UV lamp shut off and turn on when exposure and finish ensure long life of UV lamp;
  • High toughness Rubber Layer ensure Film closely cover with frame.

Accessories included

  • Operation instruction in English 1 pc.

 UV Exposure machine //Technical support

Printing elements

  • Please replace UV lamp after 1000 hours life;
  • Please use UV Exposure machine in dark room;
  • Please test Exposure machine and get correct parameter before making plate;
  • Choose good quality Photosensitive adhesive
Fittings Description Size Price
1 UV lamp 230mm/2000W 40USD
2 Trigger   40USD
Application︰The main feature of the screen printing plate is the hollowed out graphic area and the closed area after the photosensitive glue is cured on the tight mesh cloth. The hollowed out area can penetrate the ink, and the closed area blocks the ink. Exposure machine is a device that uses photosensitive glue to be blocked and transmitted by the film under the irradiation of UV light to form the photosensitive area and the non-sensitive area. The photosensitive area will be cured to form a closed area of ​​the screen, and the non-photosensitive area will be washed to form a hollow area. Exposure machine is the most important equipment in the field of traditional plate making, and it has a wide presence in the market.
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