• Drying closet (SM-120150DC)
  • Drying closet (SM-120150DC)
  • Drying closet (SM-120150DC)
  • Drying closet (SM-120150DC)
  • Drying closet (SM-120150DC)

Drying closet (SM-120150DC)

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Product Description

     In the screen making process, drying after coating photosensitive adhesive and drying after screen washing is the main process to improve the bonding fastness of photosensitive adhesive and screen, which can greatly improve the durability of the screen; this drying The process is realized with a screen drying box.
       The screen drying box usually adopts a cavity structure. The cavity is generally divided into 5-10 layers with stainless steel grids. The screen can be laid flat, and heating plates or heating pipes are distributed around the cavity. A constant temperature unit is formed to dry the screen.
      The screen drying box is an important equipment in the plate making process. Although the structure is simple, it has a significant impact on the accuracy and life of the screen. 

Plate drying closet //Usage and characters


  • The Silk plate of the production process, the screen coating sensitive adhesive dry, dry the screen after developing the need to screen drying Machine for drying.;
  • Screen flat on the grid level of the oven, about 60 degrees temperature baking, the screen surface contains moisture will be evaporated.
  • The dried Screen improve the adhesion of the photoresist and improve the role of the screen plate of the Printing runs rate and life expectancy.
  • The Drying closet of the KC-brand box structure made ​​of galvanized sheet wrapped asbestos board, with the temperature constant, the characteristics of the heat available.

Application fields

  • Nylon silk plate
  • PET Silk plate
  • Stainless steel silk plate

Plate drying closet //Parameter

Technical parameters


  • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
  • Inner size: 800×1000mm;
  • Fan wattage:1KW;
  • Heat wattage:3KW;
  • Net weight:115KG.
SM-120150UVE SM-150200UVE
  • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
  • Inner size: 1100×1300mm;
  • Fan wattage:1KW;
  • Heat wattage:4KW;
  • Net weight:135KG.
  • Drying temperature :0-60Degree;
  • Inner size: 1400×1800mm;
  • Fan Wattage:1KW;
  • Heat Wattage:6KW;
  • Net weight:168Kg

Works supply

  • 3Phase 380V Power supply

Package list

  • Outer size:1.20×0.95×1.10m ;
  • NET weight: 115KG;
  • Package size:1.28×1.02×1.26m ;
  • Gross weight: 204KG;
  • CBM: 1.645056





Plate drying coset //Advantage


  • Galvanized steel sheet welding, high temperature environmental paint;
  • Drawer structure to facilitate the screen plate of the place and remove;
  • layered mesh design, the circular flow of hot air and double-sided drying;
  • Asbestos sheet insulation system temperature lasting constant;
  • Hot air circulation system to ensure that hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven to improve the drying efficiency;
  • The plane of the screen to place, conducive to the uniformity of photosensitive film layer drying

Application︰ In the traditional screen production process, there are several processes that need to be dried:
1) The drying of the screen adhesive layer after coating the photosensitive glue is mainly used to improve the adhesion between the photosensitive glue and the screen and prevent the separation of the photosensitive glue during the printing process
2) Drying after the screen is washed, on the one hand, accelerates the evaporation of water, on the other hand, it further strengthens the adhesive force of the photosensitive layer and improves the printing durability of the screen.

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