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LED UV dryer for bottles

  • LED UV dryer for bottles
  • LED UV dryer for bottles
  • LED UV dryer for bottles
  • LED UV dryer for bottles
  • LED UV dryer for bottles
Model No.︰M-3000LED UVS2
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰US $ 5265 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

     LED is a light-emitting diode. UVLED refers to a diode that emits ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can trigger the transformation of some acrylic resins from colloid to solid. This is the basic principle of UV technology. The UV curing technology of mercury lamps made of traditional metal halide compounds is a potential challenge, and now the application on semi-automatic UV machines and fully automatic screen printing machines is becoming more and more mature.
      UVLED is a cold light source with almost no infrared radiation. The surface temperature rise of the object to be illuminated is low, and the thermal damage to products that require UV curing is small. Especially for temperature-sensitive products, there is no deformation in shape and damage to the operator's skin and eyes low level.
    Its advantages:
(1) Long life: The service life of LED-UV lamps is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamps, and the service life is not affected by the number of switches.
(2) The maximum power UV output can be reached without preheating.
(3) High energy, stable light output, good uniform irradiation effect, and improved production efficiency.
(4) Mercury-free and ozone-free, it is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.
(5) Low energy consumption, the power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, which can save 90% of the power.
(8) The environmental coordination of the traditional UV curing system is enhanced.

M-3000LEDUVS Cylinder UV Drying Machine//Usage and characters


  • It is mainly used for drying the ink layer after printing UV ink on hollow bottle products made of various plastics, metals and glass;
  • Compact structure, high curing efficiency, widely used in cosmetics, plastic packaging and other industries;
  • The bottle can be automatically rotated after entering the curing unit, so that the UV light can completely irradiate the surface of the bottle and improve the curing efficiency;
  • Stainless steel sheet conveyor belt, better temperature resistance;
  • At present, the more environmentally friendly ink drying method;
  • A light-emitting diode is used to light up and emit ultraviolet light with a main peak of about 400 nm, and the acrylic resin of the ink is irradiated on the ink layer to cause cross-linking and curing of the ink.
  • Water cooling system is adopted to improve the service life of LED UV light source.

Application fields

  • Electron, Hardware, Auto, Toys, Gifts, Plastics parts,
  • Plastics products, House appliances, work of art, Stationery, Ornament, cosmetic, sports apparatus .UV drying for UV ink .

M-3000LEDUVS Cylinder UV Drying Machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • Max. curing size of workpiece: Cylinder:300X200mm 
  • Conveyor speed:0~10m/min ;
  • Total power:3.5KW;
  • Outline dimension:2100X600X1700mm ;
  • Conveyer width: 400mm;
  • LED Lamp Wattage: 2*1500W;
  •  Power supply: 1 Phase 220V.

Works supply

  • Power: 1 phase 220V.

Package list

  • Package dimension:2.250×0.870×1.900m;
  • Gross weight:330KG;
  • CBM: 3.7193





M-3000LEDUVS Cylinder bottle UV Curing Machine//Advantage


  • Stainless steel conveyor belt, high temperature resistance;
  • Driven by a famous brand motor, the speed can be adjusted steplessly, which is convenient to adjust the conveying speed according to the product characteristics;
  • LED UV light source, the surface temperature of the product is low, and the product is not easily deformed during the curing process;
  • No need for high pressure excitation, high safety performance, saving tender tubes
  • With a water cooling system, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the LED tube and improve the service life;
  • UV ink light curing for the surface of round objects improves the light curing effect of round objects.

Main configuration

  • Operation panel
  • LED UV system
  • Water cooling system
  • Conveyor and rotating device

Accessories included

  • Operation instruction in English;
Application︰LED UV is a low-temperature light source with low heat radiation. It can replace the traditional mercury UV lamp, which can reduce the defects of high temperature on the surface of the illuminated object and cause product deformation. The LED-UV light source emits high-purity single-band ultraviolet light, which has less damage to the skin and eyes. In addition, the LED UV light source can emit light without the excitation of instantaneous high voltage, and the safety is greatly enhanced.
The LED UV light source is installed on the flat UV curing machine and the curved UV curing machine to become a special LED UV curing machine. It has a good application in the cosmetics industry with the screen printing machine, and the application in the automatic screen printing machine is also gradually popular.
Product Image

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