• Servo Caremic tableware  four colours shuttle pad printer
  • Servo Caremic tableware  four colours shuttle pad printer
  • Servo Caremic tableware  four colours shuttle pad printer
  • Servo Caremic tableware  four colours shuttle pad printer
  • Servo Caremic tableware  four colours shuttle pad printer

Servo Caremic tableware four colours shuttle pad printer

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Product Description

          Ceramic pad printing machine is a special large-size pad printing machine specially designed for ceramic materials such as household tableware. Its maximum steel plate can reach 500*700mm. Considering the deformation of the printed product, users should do a good job of testing. At present, ceramic pad printing machines have single-color, two-color, three-color, and four-color. Considering the precision, most of the pressing down action of pad printing head has been controlled by servo motor. In addition to the single-color ceramic pad printer and the two-color ceramic pad printer, which basically use a splicing workbench, the turntable-type pad printer also uses a turntable-type workbench.
     In addition to the large size and high precision requirements of the ceramic pad printing machine, it is important to control the deformation prediction from the steel plate to the product, which requires the coordination of a special plate maker and printing master.
    Compared with ordinary pad printing, ceramic pad printing machine may not show advantages. If it is used to print ordinary products, the cost will be high, but as a mechanized printing process transitioned from ceramic decal paper, it is reducing labor costs. The cost has been greatly reduced. 

Servo Four colors ceramic tableware shuttle pad printer

Working table

shuttle workbench

ink try front-back stroke


Ink supply system

Open-type inkwell system

Plate type 

0.5mm Thin steel sheet, 500*700mm

Rubber pad controlling servo motor

Operation panel

HMI screen

Works supply

  • 1P 220V Power supply;
  • 5-7Bar Compress air;

Package list

  • Package dimension:1900×1900×2200mm
  • Gross weight: 755kg
  • CBM: 5.425





Application︰ For some ceramic tableware with complex shapes, such as bowls, plates, dishes and other products, the traditional decoration method is to use the method of reposting with ceramic decals. This method is cumbersome and requires a large number of operators, so the cost is high. Pad printing has become a more popular practice in recent years.
Due to the complex shape of tableware, in order to achieve perfect printing, the pad of the pad must be soft enough to press down to wrap the entire product. The softer the rubber head, the greater the deformation, so the size of the printing plate used by this pad printing machine is also large enough, which can reach 500*700mm, which is the largest type of pad printing machine at present. Considering the accuracy of pictures and texts, pre-deformation treatment should be used when making steel plates, and sometimes the steel plates need to be modified several times to achieve this. The pad printing machine for ceramic tableware currently has various forms such as single-color, two-color, three-color, four-color, five-color, etc. The worktable has a fixed pad printing machine, a two-color shuttle-type ceramic tableware pad printing machine, and two-color servo ceramic tableware. Pad printing machine, ceramic tableware pad printing machine with two-color and four-color turntables.

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