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UV Exposure Unit For Pad Plate

Model No.︰PM-2840UVE
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description
PM-2840UVE UV Exposure Machine
Working table type 10mm High transmittance Glass
Lamp cover Stainless steel reflection cover, automatically door
Max Exposure Area 280*400mm
Lamp wattage  220V, 15W*4
Lamp Distance 30mm
Plate type  Pad plate, ZN-Plate, Cooperplate, Polymer plate


A low cost and convenient exposure unit for pad stencil exposure. Eeposure area is 280×400mm; It can be applied for thick steel plate, thin steel plate and photo-polymer plate image .It is not suitable for exposuring on screen plate because there is no vacuum device and rubber clothes; The built-in digital timer provides excellent exposure timing control.

Successful case︰

1. Agentura UHAL (Slovakia).
2. Precision advertising (Ghana)
3. Siva co( Canada)
4. Feroussis elis & go oe..(Greece)
5. Bandarest Co( Saudi Arabia)
6. Popples international (Nigeria)
7. Sepic sarl( Tunisie)
8. Publicro SRL (Romania)
9. Irrico international ltd (Kenya).
10.A Media( New Zealand)
11. Makedonas Prinitng (Greece)
12. Rigba International ( Usa)
13. AL-rimal food stuff industries (U.A.E)
14. IPT (Czech /20101206)
15. Kasi servis ( Slovakia 20110125)


1. Exposure area: 400×280
2. Dimension: 600×350×200
3. Weight: 12kg
4. Lamp wattage: 15w×4
5. Lamp power: 60w/cm.


1. Small bulk and low price;
2. Fit exposure for pad plate.
3. Light weight and easy to take.

Package List︰

Package dimension:660×360×300MM;
Gross weight: 15KG

Product Image

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