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Vacuum Machine for rubber pad

Model No.︰RM-20BV
Brand Name︰KC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pic
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Product Description

Product Description

      In The process of making rubber pad, There full of air between silicon rubber mixxing liquid. In order to remove the air, use RM-20BV Vacuum machine to reach the result.
This process will increase the life of rubber pad.


Viscous liquid vacuum treatment;
The batching process of printing plastic head vacuum processing.
Used to exclude the gas of the mixture of the body, to prevent the gas involved in the process of cross-linking reaction, affecting the life of the rubber.
The production process of printing plastic head, in order to prevent the life of the plastic head in the air mixed with silicone rubber mixture, usually a mixture of vacuum processing. RM-20BV designed for vacuum, air emptying of viscous liquid, convenient and quick, the Company's patented product.


  • Volumn Of silicon rubber:3kg;
  • Motor wattage: 1KW;
  • Vacuum pump wattage: 600W;
  •  Stainless Bucket size: D260mm* 200mm(H)


  • Stainless steel container. good tightness;
  • Galvanized sheet coated Baking varnish;
  • Famous vacuum pump installed;
  • Auto time controlled of vacuum process。
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