• Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table
  • Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table
  • Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table
  • Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table
  • Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table

Flat tabletop screen printer with vacuum table

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Product Description

    The reduced version of the desktop flat screen printing machine is designed to meet the needs of users in the field of screen printing processing with small investment in the market. It has all the functions of the flat screen printing machine, but the price is very low, and it can print almost all flat products.
       It has no chassis and can be operated on the table. It uses pneumatic control and requires an additional purchase of an air compressor; it can also be installed with a suction table and a T-slot table. The suction table is used for printing paper and film, T The groove table is suitable for printing three-dimensional injection molding products.
      In terms of precision, its printing area is small, and its precision is completely suitable for most products, and it is also considered to use linear guide rails to control the screen up and down, and it can basically meet the requirements for color registration. 

ST-2030PV Flat screen printing machine with vacuum table //Structure

Working table

Vacuum working table, Size: 200*300mm


Up-down of screen plate

To be printed

  • Plain objects

Squeegee stroke

Adjust the Limited switch

Squeegee and screen plate control

High precision guide shaft

ST-2030PV Flat screen printing Machine with vacuum table//Parameters

Technical parameters

  • Max printing thickness: 150 mm;
  • Air consumption: 60Litre/Min;
  • Dimension of working table: 200×300mm;
  • Max printing areas: 190×290mm;
  • Max printing speed: 1000Pcs/H;
  • Max frame dimension: 320×470mm;
  • Compress air: 5-7 bar;
  • Stroke of cylinder up and down:125mm;
  • Stroke of Squeegee: 300mm;
  • Table Precision: 0.05mm;
  • Rang adjustment of table: 10mm

Works supply

  • 110V-220V Power supply;
  • 5-7Barcompress air;

Package parameters

  • Wooden Case:Package dimension: 0.710X0.860X0.920M;
  • Gross weight: 75KG;
  • CBM: 0562





ST-2030PV Flat screen printing Machine with vacuum table //Advantage


  • Vacuum table to facilitate the production of Soft and thin , suitable for Printing Paper, film and UV Coating Process;
  • Distance of the screen and table to the flexibility to adjust for different heights of the product silk screen;
  • Screen forme Clamping device free to adjust to fit different sizes of screen;
  • Screen Plate clamping device can be adjusted Front and back, left and right, up and down, the angle of the fine-tuning in order to fine-tune the exact location of the pattern in the product above;
  • Stroke of the scraper can be flexibly adjusted the pattern to suit different size;
  • Squeegee pressure can be individually adjusted to fit any high-precision screen printing;
  • Microcomputer program control operations;

Application︰ The desktop screen printer is equivalent to the vertical screen printer, which can be placed in different places for operation. It has a small footprint and a relatively low price. It is especially suitable for printing small-size products. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by the market. For the desktop suction type screen printing machine, because there is not enough space to place the compression pump, a simple vacuum device is needed, so the suction power cannot be compared with the vertical screen printing machine. In order to reduce the investment, some users require the production of a larger area of ​​the table, which is not recommended because the stability of the machine will be restricted.

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