Stamping Forme and roller

Hot stamping forme

Silicon Rubber Plate & Silicon Rubber Roller
Silicon rubber rubber is used in the processes of flat-to flat hot stamping and flat-to-roller technology,and silicon rubber roller in the rotary hot stamping and roller-to-flat process.They function as heat transferring and pressure offsetSilicon rubber plate and silicon rubber forme is more soft, suitable for stamping on plastics, Wooden, Glass, Metal surface.

1.Heat Transferring
In the processes of hot stamping and heat-transfer technology,the adhesive on the top layer of the foil or heat-transfer material is melt by the heat transfered over a silicon rubber plate/silicon rubber roller and the graphic is achieved on the objects.
2.Pressure Offset
In the processes of hot stamping and heat-transfer technology,silicon rubber plate or silicon rubber roller can provide the plastic objects with the pressure offset during the process.Therefore,they are usually used to decorate the more rigid objects rather than paper and films.
There are a few colors for these silicon rubber plate and silicon rubber roller,,white,yellow,black,etc.,among which,red silicon rubber is the most popular in the hot stamping process.
Rigidity,is a key factor for the elastic substance,such as rubber.So is silicon rubber plate or silicon rubber roller.Rigidity,indicates the elastic substance's ability to resist to the physical force.More rigid,less distorting under the same physical force.Therefore,under the same physical force,a more rigid silicon rubber plate or silicon rubber roller can produce the more sharp and accurate texts or graphics.You can utilize a Shawn sclerometer to test  the rigidity of silicon rubber plate or silicon rubber roller.
Usually,silicon rubber plate consists of aluminum backing and silicon rubber layer,which are fixed together through a layer of metal-nonmetal adhesive.Thicker the aluminum backing,more even the rigidity of the silicon rubber plate/roller.The less thicker aluminum backing means flexibility,which means to readily setup the silicon rubber plate/roller's position for the operator. 

 Metal  stamping forme.
  In the field of paper package industry. Metal stamping forme used more widely. If you want get impression, Embossment, embossment and gilding, searing effects, You must use Metal stamping forme.
      Embossment Gilding Forme:
      Including one pc Engraved copperplate and one pc Resin plate. Use this type Forme, you will get embossing and gilding effects;
      Embossment forme:
      Including one pc Engraved copperplate and one pc resin plate. use this type forme, you  will get embossing effects;
      Engraved Copperplate: Get impreesion on paper, leather, plastics surface;
      Etching copperplate and etching Zn-plate: Stamping words on Paper, plastics film surface.

Silicon rubber roller


Silicone roller is used for round flat and round press hot stamping machine and thermal transfer machine, in the process of work and product line contact, easy to exclude air, to avoid the defects of transfer and hot stamping. When choosing a silicone roller, the following factors should be considered: size, hardness, temperature resistance.


Letter stamping holder

     When the content you need to stamp is composed of letters, symbols, and numbers and changes frequently, it is recommended that you purchase a complete set of live editions and typeset according to your needs, which can greatly improve efficiency. The whole set of living plates consists of independent letters, numbers and symbols, which can be flexibly combined and arranged arbitrarily to meet personalized hot stamping requirements.

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