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Stamping foil /transfer film 

Heat transfer film


It is very difficult to print Halftone drawing or muti-clour on plastics products with screen printer . but it is easy by photopravure press. 
1) First printed with photopravure press on PET film; 
2) Transfer with Heat transfer machine or hot stamping machine; 
3) Some heat transfer film printed by screen printer, this film is more coarse.


  • Suitable for Muti-colour decoprating on Palstics, wooden surface.
  • Operation panel; Varnish barrel, Plaything,
  • Writing pen, Plastics bottle.

Technical Parameter︰

  • Base: PET film;
  • Thickness of film: 35um-75um

Production Advantage ︰

  • Suitable for most of plastics: ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, PP PE;
  • Suitable for wooden products;
  • Suitable for Glass products;
  • Suitable for metal surface covered with varnish.

Use Method︰

Used by hot stamping machine or heat transfer machine.Printing Plate type︰ Printed by Photopravure press installed engraving plate or Corroded plate.

PP transfer film

Suitable for objects made by PE materials

PE transfer fillm

Suitable for objects made by PE materials

PC transfer film

Suitable for other plastics  products

Hot stamping foil

     There are many types of bronzing Foil. According to the type of suitable materials, it can be divided into paper bronzing foil, plastic bronzing foil , cloth hot stamping foil, leather bronzing foil and so on. Among them, paper bronzing foil is the largest, which is widely used in various paper packaging, books, calendars and so on.

How to cut stamping foil

There are many original sizes of hot stamping paper, most of which are rolls with a width of 64cm and a length of 120M. Users can cut the hot stamping paper into different widths according to the size of the hot stamping pattern. The hot stamping paper can be cut with an electric hot stamping paper cutting machine or a manual cutting machine.

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