•  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL
  •  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL
  •  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL
  •  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL
  •  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL
  •  Laser phototype-setting machine660FL

Laser phototype-setting machine660FL

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Product Description

      The traditional plate-making process requires the use of printing negatives attached to the photosensitive rubber surface of the printing plate for exposure, forming graphic and non-graphic areas, which are the basic structure of all printing plates. Due to the cumbersome and complex process, offset printing, flexo printing, and gravure printing are all developing in the direction of CTP, trying to get rid of the dependence of platemaking technology on printing negatives. However, in the fields of pad printing, silk screen printing and some low-cost printing, the profit margin is still difficult to support the expensive price of CTP technology. Therefore, the production of printing negatives is still a very important link.
        Making plate negatives is actually similar to the process of developing a camera after taking pictures. In the printing field, this link is completed by a laser phototypesetter. The laser phototypesetter can control the design information in the computer through the movement of the laser head on the film through computer control. Exposure is generated, and then the text area and the transparent area are formed through the development of the developer and the fixation of the fixer. This is the plate negative, which can be used to make pad printing plates and screen printing plates.
       Laser imagesetters can meet the requirements for pad printing, silk screen printing and less demanding offset printing and flexo printing involving both positive and negative films. 

PM-660FL Laser film imagine setter usage and characters


  • Laser image setter for film output, and small-format screen printing products, printing shop, printing proofing aspects of the ideal film output device,;
  • Darkroom operations, coupled with the traditional develop fixing technology, suitable printing proofing and small batch production tasks frequently produced films troubles;
  • Combined with a spin coating Machine, UV Exposure machine, drying box can independently set up a professional printing plate production center.
  • Pad Printing and screen printing industry due to the limitations of the lithographic process, the loss of original details and Halftone lost more obvious, and therefore cannot be too fine print restore. The KC serials laser imagines setter is the R & D for this feature.
  • The maximum number of screen lines to 175 lines. Therefore, Suitable for Pad printing, screen printing, Letterpress Printing, stickers, bronzing, medium accuracy of Gravure printing, the output of the ordinary precision offset PS plate making process in the film

Application fields

Film output during plate-making process of: pad printing, screen printing , Letterpress, Adhesive sticker printing, Bronzing, Middle-precision Grave printing, Middle-precision Offset Printing .Garment screen printing field.

PM-660FL Laser film imagine setter parameter

Technical parameters

  • Max exports width: 660mm;
  • Output speed: 85mm/min;
  • Resolution ratio: 3000DPI;
  • Record source : Semiconductor Laser
  • Scan style: step;
  • Repetition accuracy: 0.01mm;
  • Film: Red laser phototypography film;
  • Joint : Parallel USB2.0;
  • Works style: semi-auto operation in darkness room;
  • Operation environment : temperature10-30,humidity:20-80%

Works supply

  • 110V-220VPower supply;
  • 5-10M2 dark room;
  • Computer: ( P e n t i u m 4 2 G Hz Processor / 5 1 2 M R AM / 1 0 GB/,Mainboard US B 2 . 0/ 17” Monitor/ 3 2 MB VGA / X V GA/ CD R OM
  • Developing tray, Fixation tray.

Package list

  • Package Dimension: 1116×700×1200mm;
  • Gross weight: 135Kg
  • CBM: 0.7299





PM-660FL Laser imagine setter advantage


  • Semiconductor luminescence lamp-house;
  • Flat operation mode;
  • Expert image controlling technology;
  • Film store box aggregated storing, measuring, cutting, feeding function installed
  • RIP 3.0 sent with machine, used both PC AND MAC system;
  • Design for pad film output.
  • The roll film feeding , suitable for the negative of the output of any length and Positive Film.

Application︰ Traditional printing technology requires plate making, and plate making also mostly requires printing negatives to distinguish between printed and non-printed areas. The task of making plate negatives is mainly done by the film output machine. The manuscripts designed by design software such as Coreldraw or photoshop are rasterized by RIP, recorded on the film by the laser head of the film output machine to form graphic and non-graphic areas, and then developed and fixed to form the printing plate. Printing negatives is a key element in making high-quality printing plates.
In the field of special printing, such as pad printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc., where precision is not required, the requirements for exposure film are: The format is not large, the quantity is not high, and the requirements are not strict, then the use of high-end laser imagesetters is a big deal. Therefore, film output machines specially designed and produced for these printing market segments came into being.

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