• Automatically ribbon screen printing machine
  • Automatically ribbon screen printing machine
  • Automatically ribbon screen printing machine
  • Automatically ribbon screen printing machine
  • Automatically ribbon screen printing machine

Automatically ribbon screen printing machine

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Product Description

The screen printing machine for printing continuous strips and roll materials belongs to the category of roll-to-roll screen printing machines. There are two main types. One is the screen printing machine for printing paper, film and other materials with good dimensional stability. It has the following characteristics:
   1) The workbench adopts an aluminum alloy suction screen printing table. When the roll material is transported to the printing position according to a certain distance, the material stops moving, the suction action opens, and the printing is completed. Then, the roll material continues to be pulled forward.
    2) The drying of the machine can use a winding drying furnace, which saves the space occupied by the machine under the condition of ensuring the drying of the material. Now there are also some product packages that use UV drying or UVLED drying. A curing unit can be installed in the post-printing process, and the UV ink is dried instantly, so the footprint of the machine is greatly reduced.
   3) The photoelectric tracking switch is installed at the front of the machine table, and the single-color screen printing machine can perform overprinting of the second color. The machine can connect multiple monochrome machines to complete multi-color overprinting.
  This roll-to-roll screen printing machine is suitable for printing paper packaging, membrane switches, thermal transfer films and other products. With the development of the market, the functions of roll-to-roll machines have been greatly improved. For example, adding a thermal transfer unit can realize cold stamping. When printing thermal transfer film, the machine can be equipped with an automatic powder shaker unit, and some factories will Add die-cutting or cutting function.
  There is also a kind of screen printing machine with stretchability and elasticity such as printing ribbons. Its characteristics are as follows:
   1) The workbench adopts a synchronous belt driven by a motor, and the product will move forward with the synchronous belt for a certain distance for printing, which avoids the graphic deformation caused by the expansion and contraction deformation of the product during printing.
  2) Ribbon and other products are basically printed with thermosetting ink and glue, and the ink drying adopts IR drying process, and the length of the drying oven varies from 2 meters to 4 meters. Currently, webbing products rarely use UV curing process. 

SZD-301RA Full automatically Ribbon screen printing machine//Usage and characters


  • Ribbon generally elongated sub merchandise for indicating the specified position in product features an accessory. Using loose knit nylon, polyvinyl alcohol, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, rayon and other raw materials and weaving, braiding, knitting and other technology formation.
    Monochrome screen is monochrome surfaces automatic screen printing machine for ribbon width 100mm or less, can be a single or a plurality of monochrome printing.
    High printing speed, print quality and stability. Automatic package feeding mode, saving labor intensity, pitch servo control means for printing different pitches graphic.
    Double drying tunnel drying design, greatly improving printing efficiency webbing.

Application fields

  • Various clothing trademark monochrome silk webbing;
  • Meetings, convention members listed in monochrome silk webbing;
  • With flexible features of various fabrics monochrome screen.

SZD-301RA Full automatically Ribbon screen printing machine//Parameter

Technical parameters

  • ribbon width: 10-200mm
  • Printing stroke: 600mm
  • Printing speed : 15M/Min
  • Power supply: 3 Phase 380V
  • Motor wattage: 1.5kw
  • Feeding Motor:375W;
  • IR Motor: 60W
  • Cool Motor: 5W.
  • Net weight: ≈1200kg
  • Max Frame dimension: 400×700mm.
  •  IR wattage: 2KW(1)+2KW(2)
  •  IR Length: 2000mm

Works supply

  • Power: 3 phase 380V;
  • 10M Length space for installation

Package list

  • Package dimension: 3.4*1.37*1.56m;-2pcs
  • Gross weight: 750kg.
  • 7.2789





SZD-301RA Full automatically Ribbon screen printing machine//Advantage


  • That shut down for operating an ink rub net increase, which will help the color adjustment;
  • Block printing with vacuum suction function, ribbon positioning is more accurate and reliable;
  • High-speed printing, the normal per-minute speeds of up to 15M;
  • Which can print up to eight different types of ribbon;
  • Double blade design, printing, inking cleaner and reliable;
  • All-electric control, no compressed air;
  • Automatic feeding, winding tension control;
  • Smooth running smoothly, the printing stroke and speed adjustable;
  • Taiwan inverter control constant torque operation, to ensure consistent printing results;
  • Using IR infrared drying system, printing, drying synchronization is complete;

Application︰ The printing of webbing is a huge market, and many different printing processes are competing for this market, such as silk screen printing, heat transfer machines, bronzing, and dyeing. The silk screen is undoubtedly the printing method with the highest market share. The most prominent feature of the webbing screen printing machine is the workbench with a timing belt, that is, during the printing process, the webbing will be pasted on the workbench and move synchronously with the workbench. This structure makes it more suitable for flexible Printing of fabrics and even more elastic elastic bands. Screen printers with timing belts are also more suitable for multi-color overprinting, because they will not be deformed during the printing process. After the webbing is printed, there are also post-processing problems, such as the drying of the ink and the cutting of the length, which require special procedures to complete.

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